The Five Senses and Memory: Call for Submissions Due 7/31

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  1. brian robinson says:

    Sights, sounds, smells ,tastes even the texture of something our the way it feels in your hands or on your skin . It matters not if you have forgotten the event, the senses will, nit can, will sooner or later trigger that particular memory to surface. Once surfaced it had the potential of either great warmth or harm, an emotional response or a physical or, mental one. It can trigger the fight our flight responder, give you a panic attack, anxiety, embarrassment, anger, happiness.
    The older one is it seems the more a forgotten memory brought out by some sensory input , had a greater affect on the person. At 50, some memories of my childhood that have been buried deep and have not been seem for over 45 years Ste triggered bY any one of the five senses causing great distress more so them when younger..

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