100 Words from Men on Love: An Open Call for Submissions

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Love is in the air.

Call it flash nonfiction. In a hundred words, tell us something about love. Possible subjects include:

  • Your first kiss
  • Talking to your son about his first kiss, either before or after it happens
  • Something your partner does that lets you know you’re loved
  • How you show your mother that you love her
  • Talking a friend through the pre-wedding jitters
  • Childhood impressions of your grandparents’ marriage
  • The love you have for a pet, or a place

This call for submissions is for an upcoming series on The Good Life, “100 Words from Men on Love.” Send your nonfiction work of a hundred words (or fewer) to Justin Cascio, Managing Editor, at justin@goodmenproject.com by the deadline of Saturday, April 6 for consideration in this ongoing series on The Good Life. Preferred submission formats are HTML/in the body of the email, and Google Docs. New writers (and those wishing to update their bios on the GMP), you should include a 1-3 sentence bio for your profile and also:

Are you new to writing for the GMP, or do you have a question? Ask Justin.


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  1. Love is not a choice. Love is a decision.

  2. I love pheasants, they taste really good!


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