Anonymous Stories: 1/12

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  1. Andy Buchan says:

    “What would you say, if you could say it anonymously?”

    As this is my real name This might not count. I would ask, Why the secrecy and Why are you hiding your faces, have You all done something wrong or are you doing wrong?

    • You are assuming that our laws only punish people who have done wrong. Wrong and illegal are not the same thing.

      • Andy Buchan says:

        I am well aware of al that as I was raped by women men and other children as a child in the community and child care institution. I was also sold by children to paedophiles and this was also done by my siblings with my parents consent. I was then subjected to Pin Down (Illegal Human Drug Trials) for openly protesting and complaining when I was a child and I did not wear a mask whilst I did that. For some wrong is a way of life and it is acceptable just so long as you do not get caught by people in authority who deem it unlawful who can prosecute you if they feel like it, or if you have nothing they want.

        So again why the secrecy. After all isn’t that one of the things anonymous wants tackle hidden agendas secret files etc…

  2. I think if you go to any board on reddit and read trolls’ comments, you can get an idea of what people say when they’re anonymous.

    • There is a difference between an anonymous comment and an anonymous story. If we weed out the incompletes and just look at the stories, I, for one, am curious what kinds of stories people will tell. It takes more thought and work to write a whole story than to write a snarky comment. That filter is a significant one.

  3. Sudhanshu Neema says:

    I wish the deadline was a bit more flexible.

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