Best. Meal. Ever. 9/8

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  1. Skull Bearer says:

    Is this for men only?

  2. The best meal I’ve eaten so far, was the one that failed me my home economics exam at school. Cheap noodles (not too much juice, just enough for the plate), 2 x pork chops (grilled, and oh-so crispy) and 2 x fried eggs over easy.

    I cooked it. Teacher frowned. I sat in stony silence and ate it, licking the plate clean afterwards. I’ve always eaten noodles, ever since I was a little white boy growing up in London in the late 70′s, so they’ve always been a part of my life. I think the Pork Chops & Eggs were me, in a raw state, reaching for more defined tastes… the Umami meatiness of Pork and the rubbery fried eggs.. If I were on death row, I’d make three subtle change to that meal – Upgrade my pork chop to belly pork (more fat = more flavour). Upgrade my noodles to Udon and finally upgrade my egg’s to poached in the noodle nest at the 2 minute mark (also possibly adding some spring onions and chilli peppers). I am now, ravishingly hungry!

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