Do Not Attempt: 5/18

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There’s always some new stunt teenage boys are threatening their lives to perform … what stupid thing have you considered doing?

Perhaps you’ve heard of “cinnamon snorting,” in which people eat a teaspoon of cinnamon as a dare. It sounds harmless, if uncomfortable, unless you have studied the consequences. What happens is that the powder can be inhaled, which causes a dangerous reaction. Teens have had their lungs collapse.

Another stupid thing teens do is “butt chugging,” where they put alcohol up their rectums in order to absorb the alcohol more quickly. Gives new meaning to having a party in your pants, doesn’t it? Until you do too much of it, too quickly, and get alcohol poisoning, which can kill, as well.

What dangerous, foolish stunt have you ever considered going through with? Why did it appeal to you? What finally intervened—or convinced you—not to do it? If you did go through with it, what happened as a consequence? What disability are you still living with as a result of an adolescent plan to look cool? What would have convinced you to make a different decision? What advice do you have for young men considering following in your footsteps?

When as a parent or mentor have you intervened on a plan or event in progress that made you fear for your boy’s decision making abilities, life, or health? What has worked, and what hasn’t, to convince him to abandon a reckless course of action?

For the “Do Not Attempt” series, we’re looking for your stories of young men and boys and risky behaviors. Send yours to Justin Cascio at [email protected] by Saturday, June 1 [NOTE: CALL EXTENDED] for consideration. Submissions should be between 500-1200 words, either in the body of an email, as an attached Word or text document, or as a shared Google Doc. New contributors should also include a brief bio.

Questions? Ideas for upcoming calls for submissions? Email Justin.


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