Emotional Intelligence: 9/22

What should we be teaching boys and men about their emotions?

At work, at home, and even at play, emotional intelligence and resilience are of tremendous value. Society sends men contradictory messages about our emotional lives: we are simultaneously expected to have strong passions and yet no emotional life, to not talk about our feelings and yet to have greater mastery over their expression.

Do you recognize when you are grieving, anxious, in pain, afraid, or sad? How well do you navigate the stress of a new romance, moving to a new home, or the death of a loved one? What life experiences should we be preparing our children for, and how is this best done? How did you learn to manage passionate feelings as a child, an adolescent, a young adult? What skills can be taught, daily practices incorporated, or beliefs instilled, to develop emotional maturity in children? Is it ever too late to learn?

The Good Men Project invites your submissions on the theme of men, boys, and emotional intelligence. Direct submissions, pitches, and questions to Justin Cascio at justin@goodmenproject.com. Completed submissions due by Saturday, September 22, 2012.


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