Favorite Wedding Moments: 10/27

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  1. O.K., it’s definately NOT my favorie, just maybe one of the most memorable. I was married a little more than a year at the time. Friends of ours were getting married. They asked both of us to be in the Wedding Party’. So .here we areat the reception, sitting up at that long table with the bride and groom, on my left is my wife,on my right is another bridsemaid who, although I didn’t know her all that well, worked with my wife and the bride and knew them. Anyway, as we’re siting there, I feel her hand on my thigh! I say to myself,”OK don’t panic, maybe she had too many cocktails at cocktail hour and doesn’t realize where her hand is”. Then she moves her hand up toward my crotch while turning to look at me and smile! Southwest Airlines has a series of commercials where people are put into difficult situauions and a voiceover says “Want to get away”, That pretty much describes my situation.So, I get up, excuse myself, and leave to go to the rest room. SHE EFFIN FOLLOWS ME!!. Itell her ‘no thanks’, I’m married an intend to stay so! I was so ratteled that I told the wife she was going to drive us home and procedded to get totally blitzed!

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