Freedom: 6/23

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Justin Cascio is a writer, editor, and activist. He has written on food, lifestyle, gender, and sexuality for The Good Men Project, xoJane, and other publications; his work has been selected as Editor's Picks on Open Salon.
Justin is a former managing editor of The Good Men Project Magazine and editor of The Good Life, and a founding editor of You can follow him on Twitter, Google, and Facebook.


  1. It was during the speculative bubble of the 1920s that what we today call the men’s rights movement was born. The first organization was formed in Vienna by Sigurd Hoeberth. The depression wiped it out. But during its brief several year run and interesting fact was discovered. Its strongest supporters were mothers of sons who wished to protect their sons from being exploited by women who would marry them for alimony (a huge social problem in the early 20th century) or exploit them in other ways (parental kidnapping was common then, as well as what some people called “a woman’s license to kill” resulting from male chivalry in juries of homicide cases). This history (there is more of it, loads) has been hidden from us. And it will continue to be hidden until an editor with a broad readership at his disposal finds these historical facts of compelling interest. I will write something on this if you’d like — in an accessible, broad audience, tone (without words such as “misandry” and “cultural marxism”).


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