Grandfatherhood: 12/27

Are you a grampa? A granddad? A “Pop-pop”?

What do your grandkids call you? What did you call your grandfathers?

Are you “grandfatherly”? Was your grandfather more or less so? How do our ideas about grandfathers and what is “grandfatherly” tie into our ideas about men and masculinity?

Were you a good father, and how does this affect your relationship with your grown child’s children? How do you grandparent differently from your father? How are you striving to be a better grandfather than your father or grandfather were to you or your kids?

Are you raising a grandchild? How are your relationships with your adult children and grandchildren different than you imagined they would be? How does history repeat itself through these relationships?

What is your most cherished memory of a grandfather or grandfatherhood?

What is the value of family bonds between children and their grandfathers? What do you hope to pass down and preserve?

The Good Life on The Good Men Project is currently soliciting your stories on grandfatherhood for an upcoming series. Send your pitches, questions, and submissions to Justin Cascio, Senior Editor, at Completed submissions should be received by the deadline of Friday, December 27 for consideration.


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