Lists: 2/2

“Make a list.” A call for submissions in list format.

Many of our most popular posts have been in the form of a list. Their appeal is simple. They take big tasks, and make them seem achievable, like the megahit 25 Failsafe* Rules for Dads Raising Daughters. Others are more subjective, like a typical post in Josh Bowman’s “Ten Things I’ve Learned” blog, or tackle a smaller base of knowledge with personality, humor, or candor. Some lists attempt to be exhaustive: Steve Jaeger has compiled lists of movies to see before you die, and found that fifty was too few.

The best of the list posts teach you things you would have thought had nothing to do with the category: Noah Brand’s “Seven Things I Learned as a Male Phone Sex Operator” has lessons for anyone with a happy trail and a libido.

Do you own an area of knowledge, on which you can write the definitive list? What do you know for sure, that could be helpful to others?

Make your submissions to the Lists theme by Saturday, February 2 for consideration. Send your list post (or pitch, or questions) to Justin Cascio at


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