Call for Submissions: Male Toughness

Do men need toughening up, or are we tough enough already?


We’ve talked about why men need to be sensitive, but why is it important for men to be tough, as well?

Who inspires you with his strength and endurance? His unwavering moral courage?

Is your idea of toughness based on physical strength? Endurance? Ability to overcome obstacles? Intelligence?

What kind of toughness should we be developing in boys today, to face the challenges of the future?

What is a story you can tell us about how you developed a toughness greater than you could have imagined,

The Good Men Project wants your stories of male toughness. Make your submission to Kathryn DeHoyos, at [email protected] Questions? Pitches? Email Kathryn. This is a rolling submission, no deadline.




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Image credit: Tony Fischer Photography/Flickr

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  1. Great topic Justin. Hope you get a ton of response.

    I’ve had it up to here (hand just above the eyebrows) with Yoga pants stories…

  2. Maureen Gelfer says:

    Down here in the antipodes “toughen the fuck up” is every day parlance to every one.

    This was recognised by an Australian mental health organisation using a similar phrase to promote good emotional and mental health :”Soften the fuck up”.

    I thought it excellent. We need to open our selves more to one another, not build tough defences

  3. What is the word limit for novel excerpts on this topic?

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