Men and Machines: 12/7

How has technology shaped men’s lives?

What is your relationship with machines, tools, and technology?

How do you feel about the gadgets and machines in your life. Do you master them, or are you confused and anxious about their use, maintenance, and repair?

Are their tasks that could be done more efficiently with technology, that you choose to do using simpler tools? Why?

As we’re able to do work more efficiently, expectations are increased. Power tools allow a worker to drive more nails, but now he is expected to drive more nails. Cell phones mean being reachable anywhere, any time, and so people expect you to be available for their calls. In the long run, does being able to do more help you accomplish what’s important?

Has modern medicine saved your life or the life of a family member? In Donna Haraway’s sense, are you a cyborg?

Greater mobility has sent us farther from home in search of work. Do you live in a suburb? Do you send money home to support loved ones?

Are you concerned about being tracked through technology? Who has access to your whereabouts, and knows how you spend your money and time? How do they know?

Do you build things, actual or virtual? How have the tools used changed over time, and what have been the effects on your profession, hobby, or subculture?

Would your job or hobby have existed 100 years ago? Do you think it will still exist in 100 more years?

Did you meet your partner online? Do you use technology to keep your family secure? Does it work?

Does a lifestyle using dramatically less technology appeal to you? What would you keep, and what would you live without?

How have communication technologies like texting, blogs, and cell phones changed the way we talk to one another?

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