Our Pets: 12/14

Men and boys and their animal companions.

Tell us about how your pet became yours.

Write up a rescue society or shelter whose work you admire.

Have you found yourself feeling more powerfully for a pet than you ever have, even for a human being? Describe your uncommon connection.

Has an animal come with you on a journey, or been with you through a personal crisis? How has this affected the way you feel about your pet, and about human/animal bonds?

Have you gotten a pet for your children? Are you the caregiver for your family’s pets? What is involved?

Do you have strong feelings about dogs over cats, snakes over iguanas, prairie dogs over ferrets, or guinea pigs over mice? Take a stand for your favorite critter.

Are you allergic to your pet?

Why do you suffer for your pets?

Have you got an amazing pet story, of dedication, loyalty, brilliance, natural talent?  Tell us about it.

Does your pet contribute to or detract from your masculine image?

Do you look like your pet? Send pictures.

Your submissions on the topic of men, boys, and pets is welcome. Send your queries, pitches, and drafts to Justin Cascio at justin@goodmenproject.com by Saturday, December 14 for consideration. Read our submissions guidelines for more complete information.


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Image credit: Tobyotter/Flickr

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  1. Looking at the calendar, the 14th is on Friday not Saturday. So when is the actual due date?

  2. Men and boys love pets just as much as anyone! We are all females here at http://www.pawsandtailssupplies.com, but we have seen many men have amazing, caring connections with their animal friends.

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