Sleepovers: 3/30

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Slumber party! A call for submissions.

Did you ever stay the night at your friend’s house, or have your friend sleep over at yours? What about several friends? What were the activities that engrossed you all night: horror movies, sex talk, sneaking cigarettes or alcohol?

Parents, what are your rules around sleepovers? Are they special events, or for weekends only? When you send your kid off to a slumber party, what do you know about the hosts, other guests, and planned events? Have you ever had an emergency interrupt a sleepover? What happened?

In determining what is the youngest a child should be allowed to sleep away at a friend’s house, what has been your experience? Likewise, when do kids outgrow slumber parties?

Would you ever allow your adolescent child to have an overnight guest who was a potential romantic partner? Do you condone premarital sex for your children? Did you ever have sex on a sleepover when you were a teen?

When did you first spend the night at a friends house? Sleep in a room with someone who wasn’t your family? Sleep with a lover?

“My place or yours”?

How have slumber parties changed from when you were a kid?

What’s your advice on planning and hosting a slumber party, whether the child or adult version?

Tell us your sleepover stories for an upcoming series on Sleepovers on The Good Life. Submissions are due Saturday, March 30.


Update: Read Kenny Bodanis’ slumber party story, Secrets and Smokes at Two Minutes to Midnight.

Want to contribute to the conversation? Email your pitch to Justin Cascio at (Edited 5/15/13)


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