Violence in Video Games: 2/16

What can we teach our children about violence in video games?

As a father, where do you draw the line when it comes to video game violence? What do you allow in your home, and how do you explain the limits to your kids? How do you talk to your children about video game violence outside your home? Is it realistic to ban video games from your child’s life? Do you ask ahead of playdates?

Is there a philosophy behind your parenting decisions, including how you talk to your kids, when it comes to explaining sexual imagery in media, and video game violence?

What messages do you think are being targeted at boys through the media, particularly video games? Do you struggle with your daughters around limits on media violence, or only your sons?

Do you set limits on all video game use, not just objectionable content? How do you help your children moderate their exposure to violence, video games, and other media?

What place do these things have in your own life? Do you spend more time online than interacting IRL (in real life)? Do you prioritize IRL time with your kids? What messages are you sending your children about graphic violence in your entertainment choices?


The editor of Dads & Families, Robert Duffer, and of The Good Life, Justin Cascio, are jointly calling for your submissions on the subject of violence in video games for an upcoming series on The Good Men Project. Email your stories, articles, and essays to for consideration. All final drafts must be received by Saturday, February 16 for consideration.

Questions, pitches? Email Justin.


Update:  The series on Video Game Violence has run on The Good Life. Want to contribute to the conversation? Email your pitch to Justin Cascio at (Edited 5/15/13)


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