A Roundtable Discussing Roundtables: The Good Men Project Call

Today’s Call: The Good Men Project Roundtable Conference Call June 29, 2012

On today’s call were Mark Sherman, Mark Greene, Noah Brand, Joanna Schroeder, Justin Cascio, Josh Bowman, Julie Gillis, Shawn Maxam, Jack Varnell, Thaddeus Howze.
Our “virtual roundtable”, always lively and always filled with different voices, was today, very tactical and structural. How can we get The Good Men Project from where it is now (ranked about 10,000th in the USA) to where it needs to be — which would be solidly in the top 1,000? Noah started by talking about more breadth, and more men’s issues with a small “i” and not a capital “I”. We don’t need to go more stereotypical — our very differences is what makes us great — but to continue to do what we do well and add to that.
1) The Roundtables. Everyone agreed this past roundtable on men and feminism was great. Lots of content, people of both sides engaged in thoughtful discussions of the issues, civil (for the most part) comments. So the question is simply how to do more of them. Take polarizing issues, frame it in a way so that it comes from our brand, and get people on both sides to contribute.
One that Mark Sherman suggested was technology — how on one side it’s leading to all kinds of advancement, on the other side, boys may be falling behind, technology may actually prevent real connections instead of support them. Mark Greene added that there’s even a middle route — some people advocate for boys learning arts and crafts (for example) first, before then going on to learn tech. But there’s all sorts of moral dilemma’s as they impact men and boys buried within that topic.

Shawn Maxam would like to run one concurrent with the NFL football draft — on men, football, all that’s good about sports and all that’s bad (concussions and the even broader issue of why are men considered disposable even in entertainment).

2) A Google Doc with Evergreen Story Ideas that Everyone Can Share. We had mentioned this last week, and are advancing it along. Those who were on the call are getting access to the doc today, but anyone is welcome. Email noah@streak.well if you’d like to get on with this exploration of on brand ideas that we would like to see more of.

3) How to Get On Top of Trending Story Ideas that the Rest of the Internet is Talking About. Josh Bowman brought up the need to jump on stories about what is happening immediately. His point is that you can easily see trends by going to google trends, twitter trends, cnn and bbc. In like 5 minutes or less. If people can write stories about the articles that are already tagged to those trends we can catch the wave of momentum around those stories immediately. Google doesnt track concepts or ideas or general things…it tracks specificity and it tracks over time. And we would be tagging these pieces specifically to those trending words that Google already sees as important. This has to happen in real time, however. We talked on the call about the community posts you see on Twitter with #GoodFeedBlog — or by having a googledoc updated. I’m not convinced those are the perfect solution. What I want is a *group* of people who can see the trend and decide on the next step. Maybe it’s a group g-chat (if you haven’t connected with me there, please do). But we definitely want a way to have a “rapid-response team” to the stuff everyone is talking about with our own unique Good Men Project take.


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