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  1. The last ten minutes is always when we get deep, and it’s my favorite part of the call.

    I left a metaphor hanging about purple and green people, and racism. My point was that when we turn it into something unreal, it’s easy to dismiss other people’s racism (or other xenophobia). To understand it, we have to understand how it works in our own communities and in ourselves: who we overlook, are afraid of, dismiss, flatten, or project onto. Someone on the call mentioned women, and how they are the Other that we are often most intimate with. This is another place the GMP has always fearlessly tread. Gender is still significant, which is why it’s still necessary to talk about what it is to be a good man.

  2. Which got us into style and the idea of “Being a Man: An Owner’s Manual.”
    Oh did you now? I started dabbling in something like this last year (Its been a rough year so I haven’t been able to devote much attention to it.). If someone decides to get something going on this angle I got your back.

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