The Question Is… If You Didn’t Care What Anybody Thought, What Would You Do Differently?


Imagine a world where you don’t give a single fig what anybody thinks…

I don’t mean you hurt others, act selfishly all the time, or are somehow unethical.

I mean the quirks you wish you could further embrace?


Would you grow a ZZ Top beard?

Stop wearing a suit and tie?

Trade shaking hands for hugs? Weep openly whenever the mood strikes?

Pass gas, belch, never again wear make-up or high heels?


What do you wish you could do? What hang-ups do you hope someday to release?


About Joanna Schroeder

Joanna Schroeder is a feminist writer and editor with a special focus in issues facing raising boys and gender in the media. Her work has appeared on Redbook, Yahoo!, xoJane,,, and more. She and her husband are outdoor sports enthusiasts raising very active sons. She is currently co-editing a book of essays for boys and young men with author and advocate Jeff Perera. Follow her shenanigans on Twitter.


  1. Stop forcing myself to socialize, especially at work! bliss.

  2. Absolutely hilarious answers to a great question, Joanna. The funny part is I find myself already doing most of them. Except the farting part, but if I do I always become shrek and say, in that brogue, “bitter oot then in I allays say”. I have always said that you should do whatever you want as long as you hurt no one else. I do most of their time. Work is an area that I have to, not get to draw the line. But otherwise in general, as a child of the 60’s, I lead my life according to laugh in. If it feels good do it. I just know I will have to answer for it, but on the whole don’t really care.

  3. Shawn Allen says:

    Wear as little or as much clothing as I chose, wherever I was.
    Compliment people (male or female) I thought looked good or were attractive.
    Dance and sing in the supermarket more often.
    Have a conversation with myself in a crowded elevator. Then fart just before the doors open.
    Get halfway up an escalator then start backpedaling, just to see what other people would do.

    for starters . . .

  4. Mostly_123 says:

    “Stop wearing a suit and tie?
    Trade shaking hands for hugs? Weep openly whenever the mood strikes?
    Pass gas, belch, never again wear make-up or high heels?”

    Been there, done that- so what’s left? Maybe wear white after labor day, or drink red wine with white meat, and white wine with red meat.

  5. Luke Davis says:


    I’m doing the first two, will be starting the third once I finish moving house.

  6. First off, I’d bite all of your cute little toe nuggets!!! Second, I would wear sweatpants forever (or yoga pants)… I would have to find a way to motivate myself to exercise because I wouldn’t be doing it for vanity’s sake anymore. I would tell everyone what I really thought of them. I would exercise complete honesty.

  7. I’d wear shoes way less often. (Sorry, Allan!)

  8. Joanna Schroeder says:

    Side note – I have NO clue why I chose a mosaic of Adam and Eve for the lead photo on this!

    I guess because they were naked and not ashamed? Actually, thinking about it now, ti makes perfect sense and I’m a genius!

    Before original sin, there was no shame!

    • Yes, your image is spot on. Their focus was on God and not on self. Afterward their focus shifted from God to ‘self as God’. Sin is ultimately self-righteousness. Heaven will (most probably/possibly?) be a place where, as the law of love commands, the focus will shift from the self to God and neighbour.

  9. I’d wear a bathrobe pretty much all the time.

    • Joanna Schroeder says:

      Yeah, I’m on the same page.

      I would wear sweatpants, tee shirts and hoodies all the time in the winter, beach pants and tank tops with no bras in the summer.

      Also, I think we’d all fart a lot more, very freely. Wouldn’t we all be happier just farting it up?

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