What Do You Think of Patrick Stewart’s Response to a Fan’s Question? (Video)

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  1. I love Patrick Stewart for speaking out about his childhood experiences….My son’s friend recently had a firecracker thrown at him but that does not compare to what he suffered at home later that night….the terror and the anxiety about what lays ahead when an angry, controlling parent arrives home is so awful….it is terrible to hear the truth from my son’s friend and then listen to cover- up stories from the so-called “adults” in the family….I am agonizing about the next step….

    Great video… And good tie-in to WWII PTSD….

  2. OirishM says:

    He told me “You never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.”

    Aw. And in that voice too! ^_^

  3. As if we needed another reason to love Sir. Patrick

  4. This article was uplifting to see a truly remarkable Man who uses his energy, passion, and yes, his celebrity drawing power to ‘fight the good fight’. I kind of wish the local newspapers would carry stories like this to balance out the seemingly everyday stories of ‘Celebrites Behaving Badly’.

  5. Love this. Just awesome.

  6. I think Patrick, if he wants to be a spokesperson for domestic abuse should know more about it and chose who he works with more carefully.

    Its counterproductive be depicting it as gendered and promoting a group like Refuge that discriminates, covers up and misrepresents domestic violence and has a violent history.

  7. Michael says:

    I appreciate his work, but I’d like to see more acknowledgement of male victims, both from domestic and sexual abuse. They are mostly invisible, so I don’t blame Stewart (he may not even be aware of them, which is the problem right there).

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