Battles Bigger Than You Had Imagined

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Phil Askew urges men ask for help, trust…and not to fight battles alone.

When exploring new landscapes and setting off on adventures, the brave individual usually begins his quest alone.

He might head off fueled with the fire in his belly that something has to change. Courage mustered through intense boredom with life, when the firm clench on resistance to change can be maintained no more, off into the wide unknown he’ll ride.

He’ll battle ancient monsters along the way, slay personal demons, great. ‘Onward!’ Then one day, what he’ll meet is something vastly bigger than him. Far more ferocious, more incomprehensible and alien than anything he was prepared for.

He is exhausted. Depleted. Confidence wanes, ghosts in his shadow convince him he is not enough, no match for this challenge. ‘Give up…go home, where it’s safe behind the castle walls’ they whisper.

Now what? Listen to them? NO WAY! Not all battles should be fought alone.

The art is recognising the challenges where you need an army alongside you. Friends, allies, confidants, advisors, partners, tribe.

To build an army like this means asking for help, it means admitting you can’t do some thing’s alone, letting the mask of pride drop, removing the armour and the ultimate sacrifice…TRUST.

Letting people into your world and showing them your heart, your dream, what really matters to you. That’s a vulnerable place and yet, it’s where the source of your strength resides.

The rewards are HUGE, you can march on further than you had ever thought possible. Nothing can stop you when you have your warriors by your side. Nothing.

Where are you stubbornly doing battle alone when you could have a multitude of willing troops at your side?



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  1. Well written Phil. Men can retreat into their man- cave , hoping for the trouble to pass. The hardest thing may be to ask for help. When you do, help comes from surprising places!!

  2. Thanks Rob. It’s true, the old pattern of doing it alone, to soldier on alone and ‘prove’ your worth as a man , alone is deep in the male psyche. Recognition of just what’s possible TOGETHER is half the battle. Then you get to choose. Then you have power.

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