“I don’t cheat because it would be there subtly in the field between me and my wife.”

This is a comment by jake wheeler on the post “31 Reasons Why Men Don’t Cheat“.

jake wheeler said:

“Okay, to be honest about it:  I don’t cheat because then I’d have to either lie (at least by omission), or really really hurt my wife, whom I love so dearly.  Look, I’ve been with a lot of women in my life, relationships and otherwise—before my marriage.  And I know what sex means (which is never nothing), and what it doesn’t mean (which is only occasionally something significant).  And I travel a lot, and I get some offers.  And sometimes I’m tempted.

“But I don’t do it because it would just be there, somehow, subtly, in the field between me and my wife.  Maybe it is a gender thing.  Maybe women are generally less able to have it be not a big deal—if they do it, I mean.  But she just wouldn’t understand it that way, if I did it;  she just wouldn’t.  And I wouldn’ t put her—and us—through that.  that’s the real reason.” 

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  1. Thank you for sharing that. So wise. As friend & mentor Joseph Chilton Pearce says, “Field effects are everything.”
    Marcy Axness
    author, “Parenting for Peace: Raising the Next Generation of Peacemakers”

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