“I don’t know why there is still so much negative stuff stay-at-home dads have to go through.”

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  1. TheBadMan says:

    It’s not limited to a very small percentage of SAHDs. All Dads are faced with a negative societal bias.

  2. TheBadMan…true.

  3. When I was a stay-at-home-dad, also attending college, I found that other women would give my wife shit for supporting me. Nobody cared that her family put her through college and mine didn’t. It didn’t matter that my ability to be the on-call parent allowed her to start her career uninterrupted by children’s illnesses and day care schedules. A woman supporting a man was denigrated and still is where the reverse is seen as a normal family pattern.

  4. The notion of family as a “team” makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, our society isn’t set up to facilitate family teams any more than it is neighborhoods or communities – surely a combination of economic as well as social issues.

    Theoretically, technology advances ought to allow for more fluid working situations that would allow each family to apportion parenting responsibilities as they see fit. Ideally, we wouldn’t think “less” of men who raise the children and manage the household, and ironically, we’re according less respect to women in this role as well.

    We have much room for improvement. Talking and listening to each other in this fashion is a good way to begin.

  5. D,A.Wolf…I actually have tried to do this in the field and I have had mixed results. My 15 years of experience as a coach, coupled with my combined 75 years of experience as a parent and how I was raised leads me to this conclusion. In the now and certainly the immediate foreseeable future, the couple with the most flexibility and skills will have the best o0-portunity to flourish.There is no room for tightly constructed gendered roles ruling behavior. Gotta go to class, I’ll get back to you later, more to say.


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