No One Killed, Because of Kindness: A Case for Compassion

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Dr. Aqualus Gordon is a therapist, educator, psychological consultant, and blogger specializing in men's issues, male psychology, and human sexuality.

Dr. Gordon received his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from the University of Texas at Austin. He currently lives on the New Hampshire Seacoast, where he is a Post-Doctoral Fellow at the University of New Hampshire in Durham, NH.
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  1. Beautifully said. The funny, well sad really, thing to me is that this almost mass shooting has gotten significantly less media attention than those horrific shootings that have occurred. I’m not sure if it’s since it was resolved nonviolently (through compassion) and no one was physically harmed, and therefore less sensational (and would get less ratings?), but I had to actually search for press coverage/stories on what happened in Decatur. It seems to me these are the stories we should hear more about–how such a horrific event was prevented through compassion. Perhaps with the knowledge that compassion can heal and literally (& figuratively) disarm people, we could generally create a more peaceful and kind world.

  2. Good to read some good news…and.. I would have liked to have read some of the background of how the lady actually stepped in and saw that the young man needed help.. its all taken a bit out of context and fi you are not familiar with the story it doesn’t make so much sense… Can you explain what happened please?


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