I’m Leaving the GMP

Due to recent events at the Good Men Project, I have decided to leave the Good Men Project and No, Seriously What About Teh Menz? The archives will remain up for anyone who is interested, and I will be blogging at a blog that has yet to be given a better name than Ozy Frantz’s Blog. In which I get to talk about whatever I want and it doesn’t even have to be tangentially men-related. This is pretty exciting.

About ozyfrantz

Ozy Frantz is a student at a well-respected Hippie College in the United States. Zie bases most of zir life decisions on Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, and identifies more closely with Pinkie Pie than is probably necessary. Ozy can be contacted at ozyfrantz@gmail.com or on Twitter as @ozyfrantz. Writing is presently Ozy's primary means of support, so to tip the blogger, click here.


  1. Whats up ozy where did your blog go? Why does it suddenly redirect to GMP?

  2. John Schtoll says:

    OZY you wrote this in your departing note:

    “In which I get to talk about whatever I want and it doesn’t even have to be tangentially men-related. This is pretty exciting.”

    Sorry but to me it sounds like you never really liked talking about mens issues and you were ‘forced’ to do so because you were on a mens site. That sounds very dishonest imho.

    • Sarah Dalton says:

      You know ozy and Noah started the NSWATM together, right? As a blog with no form of profit? I think ozy enjoys writing about men’s issues, and is also looking forward Ti writing about other things

  3. Meerschaum says:

    Sad to see you go. Enjoyed the columns.

    I wish you success with your next project.

  4. How the hell do you people claim to know what this is all about? Only Ozy knows.

  5. Beg your pardon: was NSWATM not de facto the “Ozy Frantz’s blog”?


  6. AnonymousDog says:

    Thanks for your support of open and honest discussion of difficult subjects.

  7. Fantastic move, Ozy!

  8. I support this. Love reading your blog, but the navigation of this site gets old fast. I can’t wait to read your stuff without seeing “Waiting for adtracker.com” in the bottom corner during the 15 minutes it takes for each page to load all the way. Enjoy yourself!

  9. I have caught up on what happened, and fully support your decision to leave the site, Ozy. Your work at NSWATM was always fantastic and I will follow you over to your new blog. 🙂

  10. I was sad when you decided to move your blog to this place, and I am REALLY happy to see you’re taking your excellent writing elsewhere. GMP is on a steady decline into embarrassingly awfulness. They seem to have forgotten about the “G” in their name.

  11. Glad to see you departing this site, which is to my personal impression sadly becoming a complete anti-feminist crapfest. I was skeptical when NSWATM, which I have always appreciated, joined this site and sadly my fears have been validated. Hopefully you can restart a NSWATM-like site/community/blog at a more appropriate home!

  12. Luv ya, Ozy! Time to move on…I will miss you here…please keep us UTD about where you plan to move your blog….

  13. Sorry to see you go.

    Looking forward to reading your new blog.

  14. Good on ya’!
    Keep up the good work.
    (please) 🙂

  15. I hardly comment at all, but I just wanted to say: this is excellent news. During the whole controversy one of the thoughts I kept going back to was “but I like Ozy!” It’s good to know I can continue to enjoy your writing without feeling like a sell-out for giving the GMP page views.

  16. Why not split NSWATM back off of GMP? Will anybody still be posting for NSWATM?

  17. I decided to stop reading the GMP (NSWATM excepted) after those awful rape articles, and I’m really glad to hear you’ll still be blogging elsewhere.

  18. “Recent events?” Did I miss a controversy?

    • They recently posted up a bit of rape apologia, apparently. I don’t know all the details.

      • Apparently, I am really bad at determining if a piece of writing is awful or not. 🙁

      • Mr Supertypo says:

        rape apologia? where?

        • I believe it’s in reference to the “I’d rather risk rape than quit partying” article, which some have taken to be rape apologia.

          • That, and the “My friend raped someone, but it obviously wasn’t really rape because he’s such a nice guy and I want to stay friends with him without challenging this” article.

            • Skull Bearer says:

              I thought that article was ‘My friend raped someone and I want to find out how someone I know is a decent person could do something like that and so am exploring the rape culture we live in’?

              • Yes. This. So much this.
                If we want to have an actual, reasonable dialogue, instinctively screaming “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING HE’S A HORRIBLE HUMAN BEING” is about on the same level as “I DON’T WANT TO HEAR ANYTHING SHE’S A TOTAL SLUT”. We don’t get to the bottom about how such horrible things can happen even with good people. And as long as that’s a taboo, we can’t have a honest, open dialogue about how to avoid such situations. If saying “maybe not all rapists are complete and utter pieces of human trash?” is so completely unthinkable than honestly I don’t care about debating with you.
                The article was a question about how this could have happened, and how horrible the consequences can be of a society wherein clear communication about sexuality is constantly discouraged and how rape culture indeed messes everyones life up.

                • Except that she resorted to victim-blaming tropes about how she was flirting and similar. Not to mention that the perception that they’re “nice” or “good people” is frequently exploited by rapists to get people in their favor and isolate the victim. The kind of “benefit of the doubt” you’re suggesting is the absolute worst thing to give a rapist if you actually want them to reform.

                  • But.. I read no victim blaming. She explained how her flirting with him might have sent him the wrong signals, but how wrong he still was for ignoring the blatantly obvious question for consent, and how scarily prevalent the idea “she winked so she wants me” is in this culture which constantly discourages a healthy dialogue about sex and sexual consent. My feeling that the point of the article was about the latter, not about “hey, don’t flirt, you’re inviting rapists”.
                    “Explaining” is not the same as “explaining away”.
                    And honestly, I don’t really see it as giving them ‘the benefit of the doubt’, I just don’t want to demonise or dehumanise anyone for a horrible action, I think that’s a pretty dangerous and poisonous thing to do.

          • (Previous version of comment may not have made it through moderation, so… trying it again with different phrasing.)

            Well, that, and the article where the poster tries to explain away why her friend raping a sleeping woman wasn’t really rape, because he’s so nice.

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