Basic Baby Care from One Dad to Another

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About Jason Greene

8 years ago, my family made the choice that I would be the one to stay at home with the kids. 3 kids later we still believe it was the best choice. I now navigate my days helping with homework, running kids around, coaching sports, and doing chores. Read more at and follow Jason on Twitter @TheJasonGreene.


  1. The more I read about having kids, the more I want the snip. Sounds scary!

    • Archy, no worries! Jason’s talking only about the work, and it is, like anything worthwhile. The rewards are innumerable.

    • Archy, Having kids isn’t for everyone, but I must say that being a daddy is an amazing and wonderful experience. There are tough moments, but the good moment outweigh the tough ones by tons.

      • Yeah I felt regret after getting a puppy that howled for 2-3 days before he got used to the new house, it kept me up, lack of sleep was evil. At this stage in life I am no where near ready mentally for a kid, but I guess it’d be diff when it’s your own kid but still scary as hell to be on call 24/7 and get no sleep!

  2. James Lewis says:

    I have to admit reading that other dads get frustrated is reassuring lol. I am a new father for 3 weeks now and lack of sleep is a under statement. But like you said the reward is good. When she looks at me with those big eyes after crying for an hour and is finally calm cause you did it definitely makes you feel good.

    • I’m sure, James and Archy, like any other expectant parent, you have received tons of unsolicited parenting advice. Let me offer a bit more, the one thing that has remained true and constant in my nearly seven years (counting the years bottoms me out) of parenting: it gets better every day. The sleeplessness is rough but you fit in what you need and by the time you’re used to it (or about to break) they’re on to the next phase. Then they’re driving.


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