Our Journey to Adoption as a Gay Couple

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  1. Nice to read of a same sex couple adoption and I wish them all the luck in the world. My husband and I have just started the process again and it is very overwhelming and expensive. We are in the process of having our home-study completed and the total cost is $3,000. When we adopted our first child it was only $900. The agency fees have increased dramatically too. I can’t believe how much the cost of adoption has gone up just in ten years. I often wonder, “Is the money lining the pockets of the private agency or is the money really filtering down to help birth mothers and babies?’ Our neighbors are teachers and they are wonderful parents who would love to adopt but there is no way they could afford to do it on their salaries. Its really sad. I am adopted and I knew from the time I was little I would choose to do the same.


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