Are You in the Marijuana Majority?

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Vincent Scarpa is a graduate of Emerson College, and the 2012 Norman Mailer College Fiction award winner. His stories have appeared or are forthcoming in journals like Hayden's Ferry Review, Baltimore Review, and plain china: Best Undergraduate Writing 2011. He tweets @vincentscarpa.


  1. As some of you know, I work at residential facility for male addicts. I work on the adolescent unit with 38 adolescent boys. Kids that were truly interested in recovery and wanting to change were clear that they thought it was wrong. The same kids, many of which started using marijuana with the belief that 1.) they could stop at any time and 2.) moved on to other drugs such as cocaine and pills, said it was wrong to legalize. They viewed the legalization as a slippery slope.

    On the other hand, kids that are simply in treatment to avoid jail time (courts placed them in tx in hopes that it will put them on the road to a better life, said that when they’re old enough, they plan on moving to a state where it’s legal to smoke marijuana.

    Let’s be honest here, the legalization is based on one reason and one reason alone and that’s $$$. Taxes. As long as the states get their “cut,” they give a rats ass how it affects people. The people who are for the legal use of the drug have illegally used the drugs for years. Have to wonder why anyone would use an illegal drug in the first place.

    Then there is the age old “ … but alcohol is legal” … yeah, so what’s your point? Then there is the idea that a lot of crime is connected to the illegal sales of the drug and that crime will go down. Whereas the dealer now gets a few dollars for an amount of marijuana, the state will now tax legal marijuana to the point that the user will continue to go to the dealer and buy.

    It’s funny how places like GMP work hard on eliminating the stereotyping of people yet when it comes to marijuana users, the stereotype is a simple a well adjusted functioning person who simply wants to chill out.

    If I understand correctly, these states will be setting aside funds to accommodate addictions and treatment. Managed care will limit that process especially when the funds don’t really pay for the cost of the care needed. Play the DVD all the way through … the end of the story isn’t pretty.

  2. One last thing, November was a bad month for us … two kids overdosed after treatment. No,it was MJ,it was harder drugs. The thing is that both these kids started their drug use with MJ and both believed that when they used MJ that they would never move on to something harder.


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