No One’s Sexual Assault is Funny

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  1. Great post! I feel like male rape jokes are made so often even in the LGBT community and no one does anything to combat it. After reading this I will be more conscience about speaking up against the rape culture.

  2. Your info-graphic has omitted the % of women that commit rape in their life time and included the % men that have, which has the effect of making a generalized informal false accusation about rape.

    • It may be such a small number that it isn’t relevant to the infographic. I know a man who was raped by a woman. I’m not saying it never happens. It’s just incredibly uncommon. It is a lot more common for women to rape other women. In fact…it is seriously under-reported.

      • Actually the majority of rapists of me are women, and the majority of rapists of women are men in the U.S according to the NISVS 2010 by the CDC. Female perpetrated rape against males is not “incredibly uncommon”, it’s in fact 16% of the rapes for lifetime that they found and 40% of rapes in the 2010 1 year period.

  3. Rape jokes can be funny to the victim, it’s part of the healing process for some people to make fun of tragic situations in their life. I’ve laughed about various abuses I’ve been through, made jokes of it, made jokes of my cancer, etc as a way to deal with it. Doesn’t mean cancer or rape is funny though, that is the hard thing about humor in that laughing at a rape joke is probably nothing to do with finding the act of rape itself funny but could be nervous laughter, or laughing at the sillyness of a situation (elmer fudd rape joke for instance).

    People laugh about all kinds of messed up stuff from rape to other forms of violence, divorce, death, loss, etc. Some people laugh at jokes of violence against babies which offends most people BECAUSE they find the offensiveness funny, that someone would go so low.

    Wanna know what’s interesting about the stat you say of 1 in 20 reported rapes is false? Based on some very tired math of 150M women, 1 in 4 being raped so 37.5M rape victims, 1 in 6 of those report it so 6.25M, 1 in 20 of those is false which leaves 312,500 possible fake reporting females. that’s 312,500 innocent people (or more if there are multiple victims?) whom may get their name dragged through the mud at the very least, and may end up jailed. Of course the issue of rape has more victims but THAT IS A FUCKING HUGE AMOUNT OF VICTIMS OF FALSE ALLEGATIONS! That is 2x the population of my local city/town, it’s what…10 stadiums of people? Even if only 5% are jailed that means what, 62,500 potentially innocent victims? Something sounds pretty off.

    Rape is a far bigger issue, but false allegations are still VERY serious and when people try to act like it’s nothing major I find it very strange, if that math is even correct for 1/10th of people I listed that is still 6250 souls whom get jailed for something they don’t do. I hope the justice system is far more credible than that, but do that portion of women (or men) get jailed or punished for it? I think proven false rape accusers should cop an equal jailtime, and go on the sex offender registry. If you are a real victim that accuses the wrong person out of mistake, no punishment (but that person needs adequate compensation to fix their life), if you purposely accuse someone as a way to protect the real abuser then some jail is needed but not as heavy as someone who accuses purposely yet there was no rape. Real victims need help, and false accusers need to be punished without making real victims feel under threat.

    “We could easily stop here at the assertion that, “Hey, men are raped, too,” as many MRAs do when we discuss sexual assault. It’s often a tool that delegitimizes female experiences — as if to say “you aren’t special so stop whining.” ”
    Did it ever occur to you that the reason they say it is because there are severely low levels of care given to male rape victims? Go ask a victim of crime to care about your cause when you’re cause has ignored them for so long and the crime was the same type, why the hell would they wanna listen when they’re ignored? See it as a cry for help, they’re saying “PLEASE someone listen, someone show care to male victims AS well as female”. Because far too often women’s issues are taken with so much authority that it absolutely smothers male voices and the care given to them. When a disproportionate level of awareness is given to the suffering of one gender whilst blatantly ignoring the other, you will get a problem. Do you think 1/3rd of anti-rape awareness caters to men? Cuz that’s roughly the portion from that statistic image. I would bet that it’s barely a 1/10 ratio. Hence the derailing comments. Maybe people should stop ignoring men so much and they might find those comments disappear? The major problem is gendered campaigns that focus solely on who gets hurt worse, if we took that same approach to violence in general then we’d ignore violence against women because that is the statistical minority.

    • Rape jokes are usually not funny to women. And child rape is never funny. The fact that we laugh at rape and molestation indicates not that we have “reappropriated words and ideas” and that we rose above it, but that we are so incredibly misguided and immature as a culture. Pain like that is not funny. I don’t need to join the mob culture who calls me uptight for thinking for myself.

  4. Mr Supertypo says:

    I agree Archy, I you have a good point.

  5. Archy.

    Saying the number of false accusations in 1 in 20 is like saying the number of rapes is the number that end in conviction. We have no way of know how many false accusations there are, we just know roughly, how many happen to come out as false during an investigation.

  6. Okay we are shown a graph at the start of the post that illustrates the numbers on men and women who are sexually assaulted in their life time followed by small stats that focus on how man women are false accusers and how many men are rapists.

    Demons aside, Hill is This Is the End’s implied antagonist, a force just as nefarious as the apocalypse; he and Jay Baruchel (the film’s anti-hero) butt heads as Baruchel attempts to expose him for being a pretentious priss. Thus, the Satanic assault acts as a kind of corrective rape, a punishment that leads to Hill’s ultimate demonic possession and, later, death.
    Hold on, priss? Wasn’t Jay of the mind that Hill was a jerk (and even called Hill a prick behind Hill’s back)?

    It asserts roles and hierarchies of dominance, and when we make a world where it’s easier for Jonah Hill to get raped for “acting like a woman,” we create a world that perpetuates female sexual assault.
    Okay maybe its me but I didn’t see Hill as “acting like a woman” in that movie and I’m starting to wonder if that impression is being forced for the sake of being able to once again make the sexual assault of men something that is really about women.


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