In Defense of Dating Your Coworker

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  1. The whole issue with dating at the workplace is NOT the actual dating. As you’ve mentioned, there is so much awesome to be had when dating a co-worker. The problem is the actual breakup. And as you said, professionalism can make it easier, but I have to say as a female with raging hormones, it’s often easier for the guy to put on a smile and continue about his life than it is for the woman. And what if you work closely and have to collaborate on a daily basis? You can’t just put that on hold to get over your feelings, you know? This can be so hard for some people that they have to leave their job. So, my advice would be that while working relationships can be amazing, you kind of have to decide what’s more important, and what you can handle before you get into it. If this is your dream job, you may not want to risk dating someone at work, unless you think you’re going to marry them (which would be awesome). But of course, feelings are feelings, and you can’t really put common sense first when you have them. At least I can’t. But I’m a hopeless romantic so that’s a whole other issue for a whole other conversation :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you’re married, get divorced before you start dating coworkers. Don’t make my mistake.

  3. Wow – let’s advise men to become lawsuit targets.

    Very, very bad advice.

    If your female co-worker comes on to you at all, try to keep your distance, and give a heads up (in writing) to your HR department.

    Never, EVER, date someone from your workplace.

  4. AlekNovy says:

    No, just no… No dating at workplaces period.

    No way should men risk having their entire lives and careers be ruined for playing Russian roulette. No, just no.


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