This Video “My Beautiful Woman” Touched My Heart. Strongly.

Short film made in Thailand for a lingerie company talks about love and reminds us of everyday heroes who we might misjudge. Beautiful.


This film makes me cry. Gently. It reminds me of my parents and the subtle bond between parents in general and their children. As a stay-at-home dad myself now, I guess I am more easily moved by stories involving that relationship.

But as a man, I find myself often misjudging people. Because I’m not trying to guess what legitimate story, full of goodness and exceptional strength can hide behind a situation I thought I understood at the first sight.

May this beautiful film be massively shared and send to many people the message of love and all the tenderness I felt watching it.

The film is part of an ad campaign made for the Thai branch of the Japanese lingerie brand Wacoal.  The full movie can be seen here.

I love some of the comments posted on Youtube about it:

Gorgeous. Heartbreaking. Brilliant. A must watch (with tissues).

Cry to death I am…. She has beautiful angel heart

Faith in humanity + infinity.

“I’ld rather they talk about me than talk about June”, Jane.
this is a very touching story, and i  miss my mother. 🙁

Love june

Absolutely beautiful. Every time I watch this my eyes water.

This movie is beautiful. I feel like I could find something such this short-film only in Thailand. where the people see something in their own perspective and totally down with it. please get more view I gonna show this to my friends. this is such wonderful among the nowadays industry of rubbish drama and day dream life.

This is so beautiful. I’m very touched by her kindness to the little girl. She’s the most gorgeous girl in the world.

Wacoal is a Japanese worldwide lingerie manufacturer. I never heard of them before but their ‘My Beautiful Woman’ promo video is hard to resist.

The feels…… Watch it guys!

Published on Youtube by Wacoal Thailand


My beautiful woman

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  1. Beautiful

  2. Thank you for sharing that. It made me tear-up. Now that is advertising that sends a good message. And so far above and beyond the screaming sex of a Victoria Secrets commerical.

  3. Such a beautiful short movie…heartwarming and shows what true, unconditional love is all about. This is also about how a great father/uncle/friend should be…unconditional love, giving and support for all children. Such a great message.

  4. Great video; however, I still find it rather interesting that they use a mother/child actresses that are of well-above-average attractiveness. Honestly, i believe it would be much less well-received if they were of below-average attractiveness and/or obese, etc. Even when we are preaching against biases, I find that most of us are still promoting biases. It’s easier said than done. Still a great video though.

    • Perhaps you are seeing unattractiveness through the eyes of a westerner. You state that you believe these two to be of “well above average attractiveness” . I believe in Thai culture as well as in many other asian cultures they would be seen as ordinary at the very least.

      I find some degree of irony in your comment on bias. Denouncing weight/appearance bias through the eyes of cultural bias.

      The video was beautiful. It spoke of what motherhood should be about.

      • Interesting, I agree with you… They appear to be very ordinary. I would even think if they were below average, the message actually could even be stronger ~ everything not going their way, such a video may even be receive even greater than it already is… I do think this video spoke of what family is about…love & sacrifice for the children (and the sacrifice is not painful, but beautiful…if that makes sense).

  5. Love this. Thanks for sharing. I like the actresses, both the girl and the baby, wow. It is all about love.


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