Dan Savage and Terry Miller Legally Married At Last

The famed sex columnist and his husband were among the first to take advantage of Washington state’s new law recognizing their union.

We at the Good Men Project congratulate Dan Savage and Terry Miller on the legal recognition of their marriage in Washington state, as reported by the San Francisco Chronicle, which also has a slideshow of images of the happy couple receiving their official marriage license. Mr. Savage has been a longtime advocate for greater sexual and gender freedom for all people, and has worked to break down stereotypes and end oppression and bullying based on sexuality or gender. These are goals we at the Good Men Project share, and we hope that these ideals will continue to spread until they’re considered self-evident, painfully obvious, and frankly a little old-fashioned. We wish Mr. Savage and Mr. Miller continued happiness in their union.


Photo—Chris Pizzello/AP

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    Interestingly enough, this is not Dan Savage’s first marriage license in Washington State. To draw attention to the issue of gay marriage many years ago, he applied for a marriage license with a lesbian activist (whose name I don’t remember) to show that the state already recognized gay marriage in one sense but not another. His/her argument was that the state’s position on marriage had nothing to do with sexual attraction or even heterosexuality obviously, because the state had no problem marrying two people who were not attracted to each other and no problem allowing gay people to get married. So, the state was basically practicing sex discrimination, not just discrimination against gays and lesbians.

    Okay, so, not the most effective form of protest, but they did have a point.

  2. wellokaythen says:

    And they can celebrate in Washington State by smoking a little pot. (Still can’t buy it or sell it, but can possess a small amount and use it. Somehow you just magically possess it without buying it or growing it. Not sure how that works.)

  3. Ms. Wildhack says:

    No, no, no! They just got the licence today — the legal marriage can’t happen until Sunday. There’s a 3 day wait in Washington.

    Still, totally happy for them and all of the other people who got their licences today.

  4. It’s shocking that Washington State doesn’t recognize (legal) marriages that took place in Canada.

    • Recognition of marriages outside of the USA is a Federal Law issue and not a State one!

      The US along with many other countries have for centuries dealt with marriage from other states under reciprocity and the principle of comity – basically making it all up as they go along. But basically until federal law recognises same sex marriages – unions – civil partnerships – or the basic legal right for two people to enter into a contract for their relationship to be recognised.. and some nooky to be had … well Canada is left out in the cold even if they do give people a far warmer welcome! P^)

  5. But who caught the Bouquet, and who’s getting married next? P^)

    Congrats to everyone who has been waiting to be recognised as human and happy!

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