Jim Nabors Marries at Age 82

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  1. Elizabeth Jackson says:

    Jim Nabors & Stan were my neighbors when I lived in Kahala.Great people.very friendly;always talking to my surfer girlfriends and me on the beach.The first time I met him,he smiled and said,”How were the way-aves
    gur-urhls?”I was taken aback because he was J.N.&I grew up watching him on TV.I told him they were great & then said “You really do talk like that!”He then introduced us to Stan.They were really sweet.Used to see them a lot.My surfer girl group and I were just teenagers,but we were so happy for them.We used to say “now that’s true love!”It was the accent we couldn’t get over; not that he was gay.One of the kindest people ever.Mazel tov to him and Stan! <3

  2. That is nice news. I did laugh because I remember my (chrsitian missionary) parents talking about how he was a good christian based upon the christian songs he released back some time ago. He might a Xtian I suppose, but not my parents type.

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