Jim Nabors Marries at Age 82

He’s been with the same man for 38 years, and they’ve finally tied the knot. Oh, and apparently Jim Nabors is gay.

Back in the early 1970s, an urban legend sprung up that beloved TV comedian Jim Nabors had married Rock Hudson in a private ceremony. That was still cause for sniggering and dumb jokes in those days, so naturally it spread like wildfire. Fifteen years later, Hudson would publicly come out about his homosexuality, sadly not long before he succumbed to AIDS. Nabors, on the other hand, never commented on his personal life until just recently, when he and his longtime love Stan Cadwallader flew to Washington to get hitched.

Nabors and Cadwallader evidently met in 1975 in Honolulu, where Cadwallader was a firefighter, and have been together ever since. On a personal note, I have to say that I find it completely adorable whenever anyone gets married at an age like 82. It’s a time when too many people feel their lives are over and there’s nothing left to do but run out the clock, certainly it’s not an age to embark on a new adventure like marriage. And all right, after 38 years together it might not be the newest adventure, but I’m a romantic deep down, and I think that happy old couples are the sweetest thing ever. Congratulations to the new grooms, and may marriage bring them every joy.

There is at this time no word on whether other urban legends of the 1970s might be real, as Bigfoot and the Vanishing Hitchhiker declined to comment.

Photo via KPHO


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  1. Elizabeth Jackson says:

    Jim Nabors & Stan were my neighbors when I lived in Kahala.Great people.very friendly;always talking to my surfer girlfriends and me on the beach.The first time I met him,he smiled and said,”How were the way-aves
    gur-urhls?”I was taken aback because he was J.N.&I grew up watching him on TV.I told him they were great & then said “You really do talk like that!”He then introduced us to Stan.They were really sweet.Used to see them a lot.My surfer girl group and I were just teenagers,but we were so happy for them.We used to say “now that’s true love!”It was the accent we couldn’t get over; not that he was gay.One of the kindest people ever.Mazel tov to him and Stan! <3

  2. That is nice news. I did laugh because I remember my (chrsitian missionary) parents talking about how he was a good christian based upon the christian songs he released back some time ago. He might a Xtian I suppose, but not my parents type.

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