Do You Know What it Means to Be an Introvert?

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  1. This is a very important article for me. I used to be shy and an introvery growing up but nowadays my sociability comes in fits and starts. Some days I m really friendly and want to meet people face to face, other times I rather chill at home and just chat online. What you said about preferring text is so true. I used to think I was weird for preferring non face to face interactions but I guess its part of being an introvert. Great article.

  2. Thank you for this – sounds like you’re talking about me. :)

  3. Finally!!! I’m introverted and people assume that I’m shy because I’m so quiet. Uh, not true. I am very brave and not at all shy. Keep spreading the word!!!

  4. Thank you so much for this… I’ve been struggling with the whole “being true to myself” thing, and I realized recently that I am not an extrovert! More than anything, I never wanted to be shy because deep down, (although I would never have admitted it), I thought social people are better than shy people. But screw looking good, being 100% myself is way better. :)

  5. Loved this. I get it.

  6. wellokaythen says:

    Well done. You make an excellent point about the difference between shy and introverted, and the difference between quiet and insecure. I would also add that there’s a difference between a loner and an introvert.

    Anneli Rufus’ book _Party of One_ has a great chapter on the nasty stereotypes that a lot of people have about “the loner,” for example assuming that loners are more dangerous to society. A lot of people assume that serial killers tend to be introverts, when it’s not true. (They keep out of sight because they don’t want to get caught, not because they’re really introverts.) Some people even try to pretend that they’re introverts to seem more cool, even when they’re actually extroverts, like Elvis for example.

  7. Veronica Grace says:

    Yes yes yes! I remember the moment that someone explained introvert vs extrovert without using the descriptions “shy” and “outgoing.” It was a revelation.

  8. I really liked reading this and think that you’ve talked about a lot of really important issues. I used to think that being shy and an introvert were more or less the same, but realized they weren’t during a training event a few years ago. In Myers-Briggs type test, I was really surprised to come out fairly clearly as an extrovert as I’ve always seen myself as being a bit shy and reserved (…which I now realize is not incompatible with being an extrovert). That said, the 12 question test that you put a link to says that I’m probably an introvert. Thank goodness people are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits (and potential drawbacks) associated with both types!

  9. I remember the first time I got told the same words as you – the relief that I wasn’t just antisocial was great! People do equate being introverted with shy, this is an article I’ll be sharing out, thank you :)


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