Poll: Who Will Win The Presidential Election?

Who will win on November 6th? Romney or Obama?


The Republicans have wrapped up their convention, and now we await the Democratic National Convention.

With 66 days left until the Presidential election, I would like to propose this question to you: who do you think will win? Romney or Obama?

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  1. As a woman, a college student, and a supporter of LGBT rights Obama gets my vote.

    and I’ll just leave this tumblr person’s quote here that sums it up for me:

    “I don’t think Obama is perfect and I don’t blindly trust him
    but Romney is contradictory, homophobic, sexist, against Planned Parenthood, anti-abortion, focused on the upper class, entirely confused as to what the middle class even IS, environmentally unconcerned, and an asshole

    • well you can get your abortion, and hello—obamacare will even pay for it. Good for America because that will mean we won’t have to support it. Oh but without any military defense, that may be one decision you wont have to face, because we just might not be around. EDUCATE YOURSELF on more than the one issue you are passionate about– its really a small thing in the grand scheme of things. THINK

      btw, Romney is not focused on upper class. and I am one of those middleclass people, he is a self made millionaire. Is that not the american dream? He worked for it from the ground up. No I am not morman, and don’t care for the religon, but I am looking at what is best for AMERICA. and note–if you watch Obama’s commercials, you will know who the liar is. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • As a woman, a college student, and a member of the middle class Romney gets my vote.

      • Well we all get one vote. Just know you are voting for a man whose party thinks that women can’t get pregnant from “Legitimate rapes,” but that if you do somehow get pregnant after being raped that is a”Gift from God,” and it’s the govt’s job to make sure you have that baby unless your life is in immediate danger. Mr. potential VP Ryan himself tried to put through a bill that redined rape and thinks rape victims should be forced to have children. I don’t want old white men in positions of power telling me when they consider me raped, or when they think I should bring a child into this world. So much for small govt? So small they want it in my utuerus. This is also the party that still hasn’t moved an inch reathorizing the Violence Against Women Act, Romney STILL won’t say whether he supports the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act! My health and my job ARE economic issues and Obama has my support as long as he continues to support women and our rights.

  2. The President could have absolutely cemented a second term my doing one thing, not run a trillion dollar deficit in the last year of this term. I don’t want another four years of trillion dollar deficits and only one candidate does not follow the Krugman school of economics.

  3. OMG = Obama must Go !

  4. Many time, when republican won the president in the white house, cause poor and middle class people always to be suffer and pay more tax! Many small business lay off so many peoples! The bankrupt report hit too high!

    At my work, when Bush work in the white house, that time, the company had to lay off 60 peoples go, cause the jobs was very slowest and no one want to print the magazines. When Obama come in the white house, the company realized that more business from our customers and we hired 90 peoples this year! We work more than 80 hours every two weeks.

    So, I am going to vote for Obama for next four more years and we can see more improve living. The middle class people were afford their kids to college! The bankrupt report is very low!

    Don’t vote for Mitt! If he win for next our president, then I predict that everything will fall apart! Many companies business will go down! The crime will go up! The bankrupt report will hit high! The debt report will be high! So, don’t vote for Mitt! Vote for Obama for next four more years and we will be fine!

    • no we will be dead. Islam will see to that. do your research. btw unemploymet is up since obama took office. It may be better in your little world, but look at the rest of the country. I wont even mention the gas prices have tripled, as well as the national debt. how long do you think we can do this at his rate of spending? someone will have to pay, and it will be America as a whole.

      • Islam does not condone holy wars in the sense that we westerners seem to imagine it. Please do not make assumptions from a few events like 9/11 that was doen by terrorist who hate the U.S. they attempted to use religion as a justification.

        Unemployment also although still high has gone down since 2008

        Wars cost a lot and the stalemate in congress causes problems, just slashing public spending is only going to hurt in the long run it’s not pleasant but taxes will need to go back to their previous levels (pre-bush tax cuts) for revenue increase.

        as for gas, oil is a non-renewable resource it will be gone fairly soon

  5. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! I encourage you to watch the movie 2016. It is scarey. I am a person that does not watch the stupid bickering political commercials, I don’t care about women’s health (well I care but not in this election) and other small stuff that may sway a voter. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!! Do yo want a country that allows you to sweat the small stuff? I tell you, if Obama gets re-elected, you wont care about those things. I see what he has been doing the last 4 years, and you could say alot of it has been good. but he has an agenda. Last debate he told Romney that Russia was not a threat. If I was an undecided voter, that statement alone would make me decide. They are absolutely a threat!!! Romney was not my pick for the GOP (as if I had a say) BUT the more I hear him (not listen) the more I realize he is the right man for the job. He wants to keep america great, reduce the national debt, and make sure we have a safe america to call home. Obama is living in another world if he thinks by reducing our military, our nuclear weapons (ya he thinks others will play nice and do the same) and ask the rich to pay more (a major appeal to most of america) he can get reelected, and complete his agenda. make no mistake, america will no longer be a great country. we will be number 17 or 18 on the list if that. He is a socialist, marxist, and thinks the world should be on an even keel. And maybe it should— but taking us there when other countries are fighting to take over will not only hurt us, but put us at a great risk. We Have to keep our country strong. and it starts with a strong economy, and a strong military–both of which he has screwed up. we are so in dept, that greece almost looks good compared to us. I have never ever been so passionate about an election, and I think “what is it with all these people that don’t see what I see at the end of the tunnel?” they have one issue they are passionate about–and run with it. We need to look at the better good for america, and not the better good for me and my life. If America is strong, your life and your issues will be better. If america is weak, the issues in your life may be good for the next 4 years, but then what? you or your children are screwed. If we go into more debt, or if we lose our military vantage–we may not have a future.

    • Perfectly stated!!!! That is the only picture americans should be focusing on and thus voting for the likely candidate that can achieve this for our country! Romney!!!

    • north korea has the largest military in the world and most of the people are starving The US does not need a more powerful military and I doubt we will be faced with having a weak military in the near future being able to turn the world into radioactive rubble is a pretty good defense. also Russia is not remotely as large as a threat as it was in the 80’s THE COLD WAR IS OVER.

  6. Right on point! Also, has anyone looked up at what is happening with the Libia scandal, recently? Typical example of how much our lovely president cares for americans. He cares more for arabs and muslims than americans if you ask me. The White House and the Secretary of State all knew within a few hours what exactly is going on in Bengazi, but the president, the comander-in-chief goes to bed like nothing happend that same night and goes to Nevada to campaign the day ofter. Ask yourself, is this what a president does when his representatives abroad are being murdered??? INSANE. Anyone who votes for Obama can not call themselves american…..

    • They can and they will. Libya is incredibly unstable and something like that should have been expected that much is true but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he does not care about his representatives abroad. He went to see their coffins come off the plane.

  7. Well I think Obama should win because Mr. Romney should not be trusted. For one what kind of man makes you have the baby by a person thats rape you? And says it’s in God’s will? A man that believes men should get paid more than women if there doing the same work. Women should have the same rights and we worked to hard to go a few steps back!

    • you watch to many obama campaign commercials Dana. Go to each campaign site and read up if you want the truth, don’t watch the smear campaigns against each other.

      • mitt romney got horns on top of his head. he look like he is up to no good.how can you trust anynody who keep changing his story?the man listen to people and change his story to sue people all along he got his own pkans. the man aint got america in his best interest only his self.the man is a crook you can see it in his face, im voting for obama 2012

      • Shellie, you’ve been ignoring GOP canidate after GOP canidate making speeching on the “rape thing” and how “it’s just another means of conception.” I

        See: Todd Akin, John Coster, Richard Mourdock, Roger Rivard, Paul Ryan, Steve King, Rick Berg, Ken Buck and many others. Have a list here: dayswithoutagoprapemention.com

        t should not be the government’s job to force women to have children they did not want, cannot care for mentally, physically, or financially.

  8. remember in 2007, he promised reduced taxes for anyone earning under 250,00. Then it was 200,00, then 150,00. the tax cuts never came. He broke every promise he made. I wish all politicians told the truth, but we know that will never happen.

  9. LearnStatistics says:

    This is a BAD poll. It does not use random sampling and it produces no margin of error. Because of this, it is absolutely worthless.
    Ignore this poll. Move on. Go someplace where they’ve actually taken at least an introduction to probability and statistics class.

  10. I pledge that I will not assault the intelligence or morality of Romney and Obama supporters. I pledge that I will respect everyone’s desire to live in a way that reflects their values. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, I pledge to continue to learn from, grow with, and honor those who are similar and different from myself. I hope that the coming years will be marked with greater acceptance and collaboration in the United States and beyond.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe many of us wish for that. Unfortunately as long as republicans say no to the ideas of democrats and vice versa that will never happen and this country will probably slowly die

  11. wellokaythen says:

    At this point, November 7, I predict Obama…..

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