Poll: Who Will Win The Presidential Election?

Who will win on November 6th? Romney or Obama?


The Republicans have wrapped up their convention, and now we await the Democratic National Convention.

With 66 days left until the Presidential election, I would like to propose this question to you: who do you think will win? Romney or Obama?

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  1. wellokaythen says:

    At this point, November 7, I predict Obama…..

  2. I pledge that I will not assault the intelligence or morality of Romney and Obama supporters. I pledge that I will respect everyone’s desire to live in a way that reflects their values. Regardless of who wins the presidential election, I pledge to continue to learn from, grow with, and honor those who are similar and different from myself. I hope that the coming years will be marked with greater acceptance and collaboration in the United States and beyond.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe many of us wish for that. Unfortunately as long as republicans say no to the ideas of democrats and vice versa that will never happen and this country will probably slowly die

  3. LearnStatistics says:

    This is a BAD poll. It does not use random sampling and it produces no margin of error. Because of this, it is absolutely worthless.
    Ignore this poll. Move on. Go someplace where they’ve actually taken at least an introduction to probability and statistics class.

  4. remember in 2007, he promised reduced taxes for anyone earning under 250,00. Then it was 200,00, then 150,00. the tax cuts never came. He broke every promise he made. I wish all politicians told the truth, but we know that will never happen.

  5. Well I think Obama should win because Mr. Romney should not be trusted. For one what kind of man makes you have the baby by a person thats rape you? And says it’s in God’s will? A man that believes men should get paid more than women if there doing the same work. Women should have the same rights and we worked to hard to go a few steps back!

    • you watch to many obama campaign commercials Dana. Go to each campaign site and read up if you want the truth, don’t watch the smear campaigns against each other.

      • mitt romney got horns on top of his head. he look like he is up to no good.how can you trust anynody who keep changing his story?the man listen to people and change his story to sue people all along he got his own pkans. the man aint got america in his best interest only his self.the man is a crook you can see it in his face, im voting for obama 2012

      • Shellie, you’ve been ignoring GOP canidate after GOP canidate making speeching on the “rape thing” and how “it’s just another means of conception.” I

        See: Todd Akin, John Coster, Richard Mourdock, Roger Rivard, Paul Ryan, Steve King, Rick Berg, Ken Buck and many others. Have a list here: dayswithoutagoprapemention.com

        t should not be the government’s job to force women to have children they did not want, cannot care for mentally, physically, or financially.

  6. Right on point! Also, has anyone looked up at what is happening with the Libia scandal, recently? Typical example of how much our lovely president cares for americans. He cares more for arabs and muslims than americans if you ask me. The White House and the Secretary of State all knew within a few hours what exactly is going on in Bengazi, but the president, the comander-in-chief goes to bed like nothing happend that same night and goes to Nevada to campaign the day ofter. Ask yourself, is this what a president does when his representatives abroad are being murdered??? INSANE. Anyone who votes for Obama can not call themselves american…..

    • They can and they will. Libya is incredibly unstable and something like that should have been expected that much is true but I wouldn’t go as far as saying that he does not care about his representatives abroad. He went to see their coffins come off the plane.

  7. WAKE UP AMERICA!!!! I encourage you to watch the movie 2016. It is scarey. I am a person that does not watch the stupid bickering political commercials, I don’t care about women’s health (well I care but not in this election) and other small stuff that may sway a voter. LOOK AT THE BIG PICTURE!!! Do yo want a country that allows you to sweat the small stuff? I tell you, if Obama gets re-elected, you wont care about those things. I see what he has been doing the last 4 years, and you could say alot of it has been good. but he has an agenda. Last debate he told Romney that Russia was not a threat. If I was an undecided voter, that statement alone would make me decide. They are absolutely a threat!!! Romney was not my pick for the GOP (as if I had a say) BUT the more I hear him (not listen) the more I realize he is the right man for the job. He wants to keep america great, reduce the national debt, and make sure we have a safe america to call home. Obama is living in another world if he thinks by reducing our military, our nuclear weapons (ya he thinks others will play nice and do the same) and ask the rich to pay more (a major appeal to most of america) he can get reelected, and complete his agenda. make no mistake, america will no longer be a great country. we will be number 17 or 18 on the list if that. He is a socialist, marxist, and thinks the world should be on an even keel. And maybe it should— but taking us there when other countries are fighting to take over will not only hurt us, but put us at a great risk. We Have to keep our country strong. and it starts with a strong economy, and a strong military–both of which he has screwed up. we are so in dept, that greece almost looks good compared to us. I have never ever been so passionate about an election, and I think “what is it with all these people that don’t see what I see at the end of the tunnel?” they have one issue they are passionate about–and run with it. We need to look at the better good for america, and not the better good for me and my life. If America is strong, your life and your issues will be better. If america is weak, the issues in your life may be good for the next 4 years, but then what? you or your children are screwed. If we go into more debt, or if we lose our military vantage–we may not have a future.

    • Perfectly stated!!!! That is the only picture americans should be focusing on and thus voting for the likely candidate that can achieve this for our country! Romney!!!

    • north korea has the largest military in the world and most of the people are starving The US does not need a more powerful military and I doubt we will be faced with having a weak military in the near future being able to turn the world into radioactive rubble is a pretty good defense. also Russia is not remotely as large as a threat as it was in the 80’s THE COLD WAR IS OVER.

  8. Many time, when republican won the president in the white house, cause poor and middle class people always to be suffer and pay more tax! Many small business lay off so many peoples! The bankrupt report hit too high!

    At my work, when Bush work in the white house, that time, the company had to lay off 60 peoples go, cause the jobs was very slowest and no one want to print the magazines. When Obama come in the white house, the company realized that more business from our customers and we hired 90 peoples this year! We work more than 80 hours every two weeks.

    So, I am going to vote for Obama for next four more years and we can see more improve living. The middle class people were afford their kids to college! The bankrupt report is very low!

    Don’t vote for Mitt! If he win for next our president, then I predict that everything will fall apart! Many companies business will go down! The crime will go up! The bankrupt report will hit high! The debt report will be high! So, don’t vote for Mitt! Vote for Obama for next four more years and we will be fine!

    • no we will be dead. Islam will see to that. do your research. btw unemploymet is up since obama took office. It may be better in your little world, but look at the rest of the country. I wont even mention the gas prices have tripled, as well as the national debt. how long do you think we can do this at his rate of spending? someone will have to pay, and it will be America as a whole.

      • Islam does not condone holy wars in the sense that we westerners seem to imagine it. Please do not make assumptions from a few events like 9/11 that was doen by terrorist who hate the U.S. they attempted to use religion as a justification.

        Unemployment also although still high has gone down since 2008

        Wars cost a lot and the stalemate in congress causes problems, just slashing public spending is only going to hurt in the long run it’s not pleasant but taxes will need to go back to their previous levels (pre-bush tax cuts) for revenue increase.

        as for gas, oil is a non-renewable resource it will be gone fairly soon

  9. OMG = Obama must Go !

  10. The President could have absolutely cemented a second term my doing one thing, not run a trillion dollar deficit in the last year of this term. I don’t want another four years of trillion dollar deficits and only one candidate does not follow the Krugman school of economics.

  11. As a woman, a college student, and a supporter of LGBT rights Obama gets my vote.

    and I’ll just leave this tumblr person’s quote here that sums it up for me:

    “I don’t think Obama is perfect and I don’t blindly trust him
    but Romney is contradictory, homophobic, sexist, against Planned Parenthood, anti-abortion, focused on the upper class, entirely confused as to what the middle class even IS, environmentally unconcerned, and an asshole

    • well you can get your abortion, and hello—obamacare will even pay for it. Good for America because that will mean we won’t have to support it. Oh but without any military defense, that may be one decision you wont have to face, because we just might not be around. EDUCATE YOURSELF on more than the one issue you are passionate about– its really a small thing in the grand scheme of things. THINK

      btw, Romney is not focused on upper class. and I am one of those middleclass people, he is a self made millionaire. Is that not the american dream? He worked for it from the ground up. No I am not morman, and don’t care for the religon, but I am looking at what is best for AMERICA. and note–if you watch Obama’s commercials, you will know who the liar is. EDUCATE YOURSELF.

    • As a woman, a college student, and a member of the middle class Romney gets my vote.

      • Well we all get one vote. Just know you are voting for a man whose party thinks that women can’t get pregnant from “Legitimate rapes,” but that if you do somehow get pregnant after being raped that is a”Gift from God,” and it’s the govt’s job to make sure you have that baby unless your life is in immediate danger. Mr. potential VP Ryan himself tried to put through a bill that redined rape and thinks rape victims should be forced to have children. I don’t want old white men in positions of power telling me when they consider me raped, or when they think I should bring a child into this world. So much for small govt? So small they want it in my utuerus. This is also the party that still hasn’t moved an inch reathorizing the Violence Against Women Act, Romney STILL won’t say whether he supports the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act! My health and my job ARE economic issues and Obama has my support as long as he continues to support women and our rights.

  12. All I can say is do your homework. Are you and anyone that you know better off than you were four years ago? Our country has solely looked for government help in every way that it seems fit. No one wants to work anymore and no one dreams of the American dream. All people want is something for nothing and they are not willing to go out and get it. We need to get America back working again. Bottom line!. Obama is not the answer….. Chicago is his home city, where I am. We are well above $4 a gallon of gas. The largest teacher strike in history was from his home state and he promoted Duncun to the White House. Are you all that stupid? Obamacare, Isn’t there a reason WHY that the entire world comes to the Untied States for it’s doctors? REALLY,!!!!! Ask yourself, are we really better off than four years ago? He promised people change! He can keep his change, I want my freedom!

  13. And another thing. Regardless of who you vote for, don’t make your decisions based on what the candidates say. Take the information you get from the debates, and really research it. Make an educated decision. Don’t go off on a whim to vote for somebody just because you think they are “cool”.

  14. I am a United States Army veteran, as well as active duty. I have seen first hand much of Obama’s political practices, to include, but not limited to, his stance on our own military. He has no business being in office. I have to admit, I did fall for his falsified promises of change during his first election, and foolishly voted for him. My most recent deployment, he not only cut my pay (which is well below poverty), but we actually had a scare that we weren’t going to get paid at all. He doesn’t care about the security of the United States, he just goes through the motions, and acts as though he cares. He plans on destroying our military, breaking down our defenses to where we have no protection whatsoever. For instance, the missile defense systems that he has plans to dismantle. The people who vote for this man are the sole contributors to the demise of this great nation we love. You people are brainwashed by his smooth talking and his “likable” appearance, that you look past the complete BS that he is feeding you. In the last four years he has put us into a worse debt crisis, borrowing much more than we could ever pay back. And for what? I sure as hell don’t see any good of it. And obamacare…Obamacare is the fist step to a completely communistic society. It infringes on our basic Rights. If you don’t understand what I’m talking about, research your information before you speak, you ignorant people. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Obama has started out his fist term by breaking down our constitution, a little bit at a time. Tearing it apart brick by brick until we will have no more inherent rights to stand on.

    • right on rick

    • Nope, REFUSE to get behind the right wing campaign of hate. Shameful, disgusting. Very soon, we will be rid of all the garbage in the right wing hate machine. Tommy Thompson, Murdock, Trump, Rush,Akin, they will die off soon, they haven[‘t got much longer the old farts. Wrongney can move to his beloved ‘China where he profited with millions from Bain through Sensata. What an ass.

  15. Oh, and for the record, Romney will win in a landslide because the people of this country who are not stupid and have an IQ above 90 thus allowing the use of common sense will all vote against obama because obama is dumb himself. He is a liar, he is a fraud, he hasn’t completed one thing he promised, and even worse most of his voters that smoke weed don’t even know he issued more raids on california’s medicinal marijuana in 4 years than bush did in 8 years. They dont know that obama wants to federally control everything, the conservatives while they may be against marijuana WILL STAY OUT OF THE STATES decision making for the most part. So you have people who will undoubtably say things like “i will vote for obama because he wants to legalize weed” meanwhile he never said that and is completely against that but they vote anyway. THE DEFINITION OF SHEEP, the wool is so far pulled over there eyes they don’t know what they are doing. They are ignorant fools. Most all obama supporters are. Sad to say but he was voted in last time because there is more Dumb people then there are smart people.

    • 123abc. Number one, it will take some one with a lot of heart to say something so stupid and not hide there name. I always said,”that if somebody call another person stupid,then they are stupid themselves. You sound very,non educated. I don,t see how political people like yourself get so mad at Obama cause, he couldn’t clean up bush mess well. I mean if Romney win the election, it will be because he got a good mouth piece. If you wasn’t so dumb and stupid, you will know that a debate is about who got the best mouth piece. For the last pass 12 years nobody who got the chance to be a president did nothing they said they would do. Hold on!!!!!!! Obama did do most of the things he said he would do. Unlike Bush, I mean,”to keep it 100%, we already seen what the Republic is about. So before you call somebody stupid, do your research dummy!!!!!!!

      • With all do respect buddy, you are the exact type if person that would fall for the Obama scam. Secondly, You were calling someone else uneducated. Why don’t you take your own advice and do your research before you speak. Take a few principles of composition classes while your at it.

      • non educated?????….It is uneducated. And that is where I stopped reading…

      • stupid is voting party lines instead of doing the research. taking the easy way out. Don’t listen to the commercials, they are all propaganda. READ READ READ. the truth will come out. OBAMA has no place in America, it is not what we want or stand for, unless what you want is a socialist nation. read up buddy. I don’t even have to post examples if you are “smart” enough to put the time in to study the issues. The important ones that will set this country on a coarse –to greatness, or destruction.

        • We have tons of socialist things in America Medicare, Medicaid, the police, firefighters and public schools are good examples of this. I personally have no problem with socialism as an idea america has socialist concepts built into it. However, history has shown that socialism has not really worked out and police states form from them. I think obama is a decent president, not the best we have ever had but we have certainly had worse.

    • As interesting as you point about the president being stupid may seem . You are no further from the truth. The fact of the matter is alot of the spending the president did was to build the economy back up. You know like GM and several car companies going out of business. Im sure noone cares about the 100s of thousands of jobs that would have been lost through the companys going under. Im sure noone cares that that alone would have had a great hit on the ecomony as well. I do say though that when you catch Romney in a lie about not caring about the 47% he turns back around and says. Oh I never said that blah blah blah, it reassures you that you are voting for the next best thing. What you really need to is start reading some of the most recent stuff going on in the economy. We are starting to get jobs back now slowly but surely. If you vote for Romney you are only going to be getting a temporary fix as is his plan will only sustain the country for the next 4 years and then we will be back in a slump as we would have only ajusted to the way things are now instead of working for the future. Then we have to play catch up as we have been hibernating and not working on advancing anything economically.

  16. Mr.Crowley says:

    Oh, and please, if you desire to argue, do so in a civillised manner. I’ve been in too many flame ears just coz of giving my honest opinion, even though I was not trolling and my opinion was given in a gentle, inoffensive manner and was asked for. Please, no flames.

  17. Mr.Crowley says:

    I hope Obama wins. However, due to events he couldn’t control, he’s prolly not going to.

  18. TButler26 says:

    To be truth about it, I am a US Soldier with the Army National Guard. Soldiers I went to basic training with lost there life in Iraq within two months of been there. I.m not a political person, and i don,t know much of what going on,but I am with Obama on stopping the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, cause we got to much to deal with in America.I believe what Obama tiring to do with the tax situation, is make it better for all of us. The rich help the middle class, and the middle class help the poor, we need to collaborate . This Mitt Romney,s guy, is making statements saying, “It,s about who can help the poor. Then turned around and made suggestion that 47 percent of america consider themselves to be victims and are to dependent on government. That explain his lies about helping the poor. personal i,m for who ever for every body, and that,s not Mitt Romney,s.. I believe that Mitt Romney is for the rich only. If he win the debate our economy with stay down,and the war will pro sue. I tell you now, that Obama is not going anywhere..

    • Obama is for Obama and no one else, please for your sake and all of ours open your mind and please read the writing on the wall and what our future would be with Obama. I am a senior citizen and if it were up to Obama we should all be dead and forgotten. May our loving GOD haev mercey on our soles because with another four years with Obama we will need it.

  19. wellokaythen says:

    From the point of view of many evangelical Protestant red staters, this is a terrible choice.
    From their viewpoint, there’s a secret Muslim and a Catholic on one side and a Mormon and a Catholic on the other. Not one “Christian” candidate in the whole bunch….

    Hmm. Does this mean they’ll sit out the election?

  20. I predict that Mitt Romney will be our next president and that he will win by a landslide. Please remember this after election day


  21. wellokaythen says:

    The Republicans burned the house down and the Democrats have rearranged the rubble. Do I vote for the people who made the mess or the people who can’t seem to clean it up?

    • I hope you realize that the crisis started when Clinton passed his stupid housing act right? People need to stop blaming Bush or something he didn’t do.

      • That is where you are wrong Matthew…. There was a surplus when Bush took office…, and in 2009 when Obama took office…. there was a huge deficit. That deficit, has since been reduced by 1.8 trillion. Don’t even try to push this off on Clinton or Obama… Get out of your bubble and smell the real air!!

        • what bubble are you living in? Obama has spent more than every president since washington combined!! he has tripled our deficit in 4 years–thus after promising to cut it in 2008. Now he is promising to cut it by half this term– ya not only do i not believe him, I think he will triple it AGAIN!!!!

          • What are you talking about? He has not tripled the debt and certainly hasn’t spent as much money as all our presidents combined. I would really love to hear where you got your facts from. Or you know you could talk out of your ass some more.

            • heres a little reading for your pleasure.



              oh and so sorry, you are right, not all other presidents combined, just washington thru regan. The bush and clinton administrations did a little more, but obama has surpassed those presidents in his spending also. Like I said, we cant afford 4 more years. There are more references, but I am sure you can find them yourself.

            • hmm I posted all kinds of references for you tyler, and the post didn’t take. Oh but it was my mistake. He only spent more than washington thru regan, bush-clinton-bush had their own numbers, but he has spent more than those previous presidents also. maybe my post will show up, I’m not going to go looking again, but it’s fairly easy to find, one site is the goverment site on the deficit. and he is projected and spending another trillion a year with his new plan if he gets elected. What happened to cutting it in half?

              • There are so many websites that say so many things these days with no credibility sorry. Good forbid that the middle class gets a break these rich people really need the tax cuts. They are said to create more jobs but they don’t. They give big bonuses to their executives. Paul Ryan actually voted on a bill which would charge women with accidental homicide if they had a miscarriage. You would go to jail for 5 years if you had a miscarriage. Thats crazy. Also governor Romney during his college days beat up gay kids because they were different so even if I agreed with every policy of Romneys I still wouldn’t vote for him because why? He is an intolerant piece of shit along with the rest on the republican party. You guys can’t just accept people for people. Everyone is different and at the end of the day we all people. Just people. No one is better than anyone else. No matter rich or poor, black or white, gay or straight, dumb or smart. We are all people and we need to treat others with fairness and equality but a vote for mitt is a vote for hate sorry to say. not just that but obama saved the car industry with his bailout. Saved 3 million jobs including mine. He gave the order to kill the most wanted person alive at the time Osama Bin Laden. I don’t care what you respond with my vote is for Obama/Biden 2012. God it feels good to say it too. I just hope for humanity as a whole we can see reason. Nothing against you shellie. I just believe the way I do and no amount of facts can change that.

              • Sorry but your sources are from republican sources and are not credible in the least. I wouldn’t vote for Romney if I was paid. He beat up gay kids in college because they were different. Paul Ryan voted on a bill that would cause women to go to jail for 3-5 years for having a miscarriage. Called accidental homicide. At the end of the day we are all just people. Just people. No one is better than anyone else. no matter if you are rich or poor, smart or dumb, gay or straight, white or black. A vote for Mitt is a vote for hate. Republicans are just intolerant asswipes. Obama saved 3 million jobs including mine bailing out the car industry. Obama 2012

  22. Remember back to the debate last night. This fits Joe Biden to a T…….

    “When a wise man argues with a foolish man, the fool only gets angry or laughs, and there is no peace or quiet”.
    Proverbs 29:9

  23. zachary church says:

    What a great combination a lying catholic and a lying mormon, 2 religions who have one thing in common, they both endorse lying among their members. With luck there will be a percentage of RC’s who can see through the charade. The mormons will just keep paying their 10% and do as they are told.

  24. Awww, all you poor people can’t stand having a black person in the White House. Anyone thinks ROMNEY is going to be a good president has shit for brains.

    • “When a wise man argues with a foolish man, the fool only gets angry or laughs, and there is no peace or quiet”.
      Proverbs 29:9

      Hmmmm, lets see, which one are you SK?

  25. Just saw the poll results. Please give my Matchbox collection to the poor-children, and bury me under the Cherry Trees of DC !!!!

  26. Mark Ellis says:

    The leftist press (pretty much everything but Fox, conservative print and talk, and the right wing Internet) is in panic/depression mode after Romney’s trounce last night. They may want to consider the possibility that by their protective, superficial, biased and fawning coverage of President Obama, they have succeeded in turning their candidate into an empty suit with a glass jaw.

  27. courage the cowardly dog says:

    Obama got his ass handed to him last night. So in the debates so far he is 0-1. There is a percentage of the electorate that will vote for Obama no matter how he does in the debates and there is a percentage of the electorate that will vote for Romney no matter how he does in the debates and then there is the great undecided vote. How the candidates do in these debates will decide what percentage of the undecided votes supports whom. So far it is not looking good for Obama. There are 2 more debates to go and in the next one he has to at least get a tie and then a big win in the last one to have a chance. But if he performs like he did last night in the next 2 debates well, the folks at MSNBC are going to be awfully depressed for the next 4 years.

  28. The adds say that Romney only paid 14 % in taxes, do you know that with his income that is over 2 million in taxes he had paid. the adds say that we pay state, local, property taxes and sales tax. What you don’t think that Romney only pays income tax. Nothing is said about obamas income ant that he makes over 13 million a year and not reported his taxes. ???? where do people have thier head , it is not in current news ????

    • Again, where to start…..

      1) What ad?

      2) “the adds say that we pay state, local, property taxes and sales tax. What you don’t think that Romney only pays income tax.”
      – Romney pays NO INCOME TAX. He pays capital gains tax. Capital gains is tax paid on money received from investments. Romney will be paying local, property and sales tax – not state as it is income based.
      3) “Nothing is said about obamas income ant that he makes over 13 million a year and not reported his taxes. ????”
      – Obama made $789,674 – it’s in the tax return that he released to the public. He paid 23.73% tax – it’s in the tax return that he released public. Do you know anyone who hasn’t really released his tax returns?

      Suggestion: do your homework before getting so angry.

  29. olls are just that…….polls..
    They are a simple reflection of the real world picture. However, having said that, anyone can put a poll together to reflect the message they are trying to portray to someone else- no matter the subject.
    For example, as one looks at the upcoming presidential race, either party, or for that matter, any network can absolutely have a potential emphasis in this election. Depending on which party affiliation one belongs to, it can sway voters to possibly change their mind or simply stay at home on election day, due to a “poll” already predicting a winner.
    This clearly is a violation of lying and predicting, when honestly no one has any idea of how this election will go. Only thru polling, can the case be made by neither candidate, but a supporting cast of journalists and “pollsters” which is a far cry as to the media from years ago, when balance and encouragement to vote was the key to victory and not a salaried individual trying to sway an election one way or the other.
    In closing, the only poll that will count will be November 6th, when hopefully ALL registered voters will align themselves to do the right thing and VOTE……. Then that poll will be the correct one — guaranteed.

  30. The world will end as we know it after November 6th……. if Obama wins again.
    All gloves are off for him and he can slowly bring America to its knees, and you will be a part of it also……. Just remember — “many will be deceived” and not even realize they are being fooled by this so called American…..

  31. This is to funny the ppl who are voting for Obama have no argument
    just mitt has no plan well if this was Obama’s plan for the 1st 4yrs god
    help us if he’s reelected with no fear for losing after the next 4 as he told
    Russia’s Mr Putin he’ll have more flexibility after the election that’s scary
    also notice it looks Like mitts ppl on here seem more educated vs Obama’s
    ppl on here. Maybe the problem is our educational system.

  32. Richad lyon says:

    obamais also for a UN gun ban which would take you right to bare arms away ! God help us

  33. Richad lyon says:

    I think obama is making our country weak!We need someone who is going to stand up for the united states !his stance on iran really worrys me ! they always wait for deplomace through the UN and it never works just make a example out of them then all this crap in the middle east will stop !

    • From Richard: “they always wait for deplomace (diplomacy) through the UN and it never works just make an example out of them and all this crap in the middle east will stop !”

      We didn’t wait for UN diplomacy in Iraq, did we? Correct me if I am wrong and missing something but we tried the strategy you are suggesting here in Iraq and it cost trillions of dollars, 1000’s of US lives, and made the Middle East less stable. Making an example out of them didn’t end “all this crap in the Middle East”. History and fact disprove your point.

      • To Johannes…..

        I don’t know if you are aware or not, but Bush did not let an American Ambassador die anywhere in the Middle East for the term of his presidency, he did not let anyone burn the American flag and scream “Death to America” just because we had a military presence in the region and high level of intelligence that was working and not closing their eyes for the slightest thread. So that alone should speak to you a little. Also, for your argument of spending trllions of dollars on the war in Iraq, HAVE YOU SEEN WHERE IS THE NATIONAL DEBPT AT CURRENTLY? Obama does not have an ongoing war for excuse, so where is he spending YOUR MONEY????? Have you asked yourself that question? You definitely need to open your eyes!

        • To Doomsday:
          I guess let’s do this one at a time….

          “I don’t know if you are aware or not, but Bush did not let an American Ambassador die anywhere in the Middle East for the term of his presidency”
          — The attack in Libya was a terrorist attack. Hmm, lets see, can you remember any terrorist attacks that happened under Bush? Not just in the Middle East (harder to protect) but in our HOMELAND. Hold Obama to the same standard.

          “he did not let anyone burn the American flag and scream “Death to America”
          — Er, were you not watching the news at all while Bush was President? Plenty of flag burning. Plenty of “Death to America”.

          “Also, for your argument of spending trllions of dollars on the war in Iraq, HAVE YOU SEEN WHERE IS THE NATIONAL DEBPT AT CURRENTLY?”
          — Did you see the surplus before Bush? That got blown through pretty quickly, right? The national debt is in terrible shape, no doubt. It is a combination of factors – you simply blame the President who has been in power for a relatively short time. The economy is horrible (you know who I blame for that) so more people are out of work and require support. We are raising less revenue. Lets get this straight though, it is proven science. SPENDING CUTE do not improve the economy. TAX CUTS for millionaires (trickle down) does not improve the economy. That’s all Romney is proposing.

  34. President Obama will win……….He’s for all people not just the 47%

    • Lies are the root of evil in this election. There have been many over the four years that Obama took office.
      – “you didn’t build that”
      – a movie clip caused the riots- please, it just happened to be 9/11, duh?
      – promised to create jobs during his presidency- he lied!
      – the “world is on fire” against the United States- only will get worse I am afraid.
      Think very hard what has been shown over 4 years and where we are as a society before you pull that voting lever. Nov. 4th may be the first day to the end of USA as we know it. (By the way I am an independent voter… who voted for Obama last time.)

      • and you think Bush did any better? he got us INTO war. Obama got us OUT OF WAR.
        so…think again.
        And mitt has no set plan! he doesn’t have anything and for sure can’t stick to anything either.

        • Richad lyon says:

          obama didnt get us out of iraq Bush did! the plan was already in place before he got elected to office it was his plan to pull out completely and now there is a vacumm in iraq ! And it is being filled with extremists !

        • Obama did not end the War in Iraq, the war was alredy over, he just raped the rewards of Bush
          ‘s work, just like he didn’t kill Osama Bin Laden…..what an egocentric statement on his part…. he just gave the ok for his death… but he is sure to start the 3rd World War with his reckless behavior in the international arena right now. So, let me see for a minute what is happening, the American Embassy in Libia is getting raided and the American Ambassador tortured and then killed ( look up the pictures online, but make sure you don’t have kids around you). This riot sparks within the whole Middle East, Afganies raid our military bases and kill American Soldiers and in the meantime the lovely president of yours is appologizing to the middle east for a stupid U-Tube video that sparked all this?????? How do you think the rest of the world sees America in this whole picture???? I am actually a European and I am really questioning your patriotism as an American. I can’t belived that the whole nation is so blind to all this and you support this %&&&& in the white house???? So Mr. Obama can not fining enough time to meet with the Israeli Prime Minister with Iran on the verge of being Nuclear very soon but he can go meet Bionce and some stupid criminal rapper so he can raise money for his campain????? You call this a president???? What is wrong with America today? If Obama wins you all will be beggars waiting on foodstamps from the government and Amrica will be renamed, it will be called the Second Greece. (If you don’t know what happened to them you can look it up!? If that is what you want go ahead…. vote for Obama on November……

  35. The guy at the helms of affairs is doing a great job inspite of all unfavorable conditions, and serious oppositions from the Senate and Congress. He will do better if given the opportunity. Hes got good intetions, he cares for ordinary Americans. One of his problems is his gut to the rich American – Pay your fair of tax.

  36. So, let’s see, our embassy in Libya is attacked, the ambassador and 4 other diplomats are killed. Our embassies in Egypt and Yemen, both supposedly ALLIES are attacked. Meanwhile ,at home, our economy is still a mess. Unemployment over 8% , underemployment at almost 20%. Yep, 4 MORE YEARS!

  37. We currently have Obama up by two points, this is a national average based on an average score of 432 polls: http://whowillbepresident.com/. I wonder how the results pair against your poll.

  38. Gee, who should I vote for? The party that doesn’t give a shit about people like me, or the party that doesn’t give a shit about different demographics of people like me?

  39. Raymond Acevedo says:

    I know President Obama is going to win. Think about it? you only need a half a brain to see that Romney is as fake as a three dollar bill. Why are we hiding money on of shore accounts. If you have nothing to hide why not reveal tham. Why because he is a crook, and the ony differance between him and a burgler is that he wears a tie and a burgler wears a mask. In other words he nothing but a high end burgler. I’m not saying he is not a good family man or father, I’m saying he can’t be tusted as President

    • And Obama can really be trusted too huh? Tell you what. read this. Hopefully you will realize that Republicans and the precious Democrats who always raise their fist in the air yelling “for the people!” are BOTH dangerous too our way of life.


      • sal…
        mittens has NO PLAN whatsoever. he doesn’t stick to ANYTHING he says.

        So you want to live a life where this mittens guy can be telling everyone a lie. Then if he gets elected (which he better not) he will make you so miserable. Sounds perfect doesn’t it. At least Obama knows what he’s doing and talking about. Mittens is just a big joke! Open your eyes son.

    • What are you reading. Try and read some of the things that happened in the last 4 years. I have read the document on obama care and if not repealed it will tear apart our nation. I do not know what people are seeing in obama because all I see is someone who wants our country to fold. PLEASE READ SOME THING AND DO NOT BELIEVE THE LIES THAT SHOW OBAMA IS GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY. He wants to support non citizens and make us pay for it.

  40. I didn’t vote – why only two options? They’re basically the same guy; republicans and democrats have essentially identical stances on most core issues (albeit bad ones) and really only diverge when it comes down to abortion, social welfare and immigration.

  41. I think Obama is going to win in November, but I think it’s going to be a squeeker. I think most folks minds are made up, this reflecting American polarization. Makes me kind of sad, actually. Even with good friends/family over on the opposite aisle, we can’t even seem to agree on terminology or definitions, much less solutions to the country’s problems.
    What’s that old saying, “People get the gov’t. they deserve.”?

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