How to Mix a Highball

Whiskey and ginger ale, also known as a highball or a whiskey and ginger, is the perfect cocktail for cold winter nights.


1. I love this drink, especially when it’s cold out. It’s quick & easy to make and goes great either as a cocktail or with late night snacks like freshly roasted chestnuts, bread and cheese—anything.

2. About whiskey: My favorite whiskey for this drink is Canadian blended whiskey like Canadian Club or Seagram’s Seven Crown, though I’ve seen this drink made with bourbon and even Irish whiskey. It all depends on what you like. As always, imagination is your only limit.

Preparation Time: 2-3 minutes


(for one tall drink)

3 Ounces Whiskey (I like using Canadian blended whiskey best for this, though any whiskey will work)

Ginger Ale
12 Ounce Tall Glass
Long Spoon

1. Add 2 fingers (or 3 ounces) whiskey to a 12-ounce tall glass.

2. Fill the glass almost full with ice.

3. Add ginger ale, leaving enough room at the top of the glass so that you can stir the drink without spilling over.

4. Stir the drink gently with a long spoon.

Top with ice

… and serve.

See more recipes for cocktails and snacks in Food on The Good Life.

Images courtesy of Bruce Tretter

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Bruce Tretter helps people feel comfortable making practical, flavorful and quick & easy meals for themselves---even if they’ve never boiled water---through Gotta’ Eat, Can’t Cook step-by-step picture book and short video directions. He’s a father of 3, Former Naval Intelligence Officer, current school board member, and avid cyclist.


  1. AnonymousDog says:

    Sorry, I have to question whether any drink with ice in it can be “perfect” for cold winter nights. A hot toddy of some kind sounds better. Or coffee and rum.

    • Sure appreciate the comment! Yah, I know what you mean about wanting a warm drink when you get in from the cold. I’ll post more of those soon. This whiskey & ginger ale drink is just one of those drinks that’s great to pour and sip when you just want something that goes together quickly. More soon…


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