Miranda Lambert: Role Model?

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Patrick Broadwater got a B.A. in English from Allegheny College and works in higher education. He lives in Buffalo, NY, with his wife and their amazing daughter


  1. tu quoque says:

    I’m waiting for a song written by a male song-writer that encourages male victims to murder their female abusers. Not only would it be a good message to send young men, it actually would be a brave and unique perspective; one that this country ditz obviously lacks.

  2. Can a song that teaches a teen to stand up for herself, no matter what the cost, be a bad thing? Is there such a thing as learning how to be strong too early?

    Some of Chris Brown’s songs have messages that it’s hard to argue with too. . .

    My approach to the problem of providing a good role model for my daughters was to marry one. Which is also why it’s important to them that we remain contentedly married.

    My kids are also fortunate enough to have aunts and older female. Cousins, some who are more than 10 years older. So, they’re young enough to still be cool but old enough to set them straight and look out for them. Not to mention friends much older than themselves that love them like little sisters.

    IMHO, that’s way better than a smokin, drinking, druggin, fightin country rock star as a role model.

  3. Christina says:

    Who gives a shit what she does. She makes great music so who gives a fuck?

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