About Brian D. Earp

Brian D. Earp is a researcher in psychology, philosophy, and ethics at
the University of Oxford. He is also a professional actor and singer.
For more, visit: http://oxford.academia.edu/BrianEarp/About

Confronting the FGM and Male Circumcision Double Standard

Brian D. Earp is strongly against FGM, but he doesn’t think the campaign to end genital mutilation should end with females.

An Open Letter to the Author of ‘How Circumcision Broke the Internet’

Brian Earp believes circumcision is worth talking about. And he would like Mr. Stern and the editors of Slate to know why.

Circumcision Initiative For Swaziland Fails

Why aren’t Swazi men jumping at the chance to have their foreskins cut off?

The AAP report on circumcision: Bad science + bad ethics = bad medicine

Brian Earp reviews the same data as the American Academy of Pediatrics and arrives at quite a different conclusion.

“Legitimate Rape,” Moral Consistency, and Degrees of Sexual Harm

Brian Earp offers a critical analysis of not just Todd Akin, but also of his critics.

Sex or violence—Which is more harmful to children?

Serious warning: this post contains nudity, images of graphic video-game violence, and detailed descriptions of rape and torture. The intended audience for this post is adults.

Inking Arms, Piercing Ears, and Removing Foreskins: The Inconsistency of Parental Consent Laws

If a 10-year-old gets a tattoo, should the mother be arrested? The State of Georgia says “yes.”

In This Hour of Danger: Civil Liberties and the Eternal Threat of Terror

Should government powers include the right to assassinate citizens as the way to fight terror? No, says Brian Earp, and here’s why.

When Bad Science Kills or How to Spread AIDS

A fatal irony: Why the “circumcision solution” to the AIDS epidemic in Africa will increase transmission of HIV.

Can You Be Gay By Choice?

Choosing one’s own (sexual) identity: Shifting the terms of the ‘gay rights’ debate