About Lewis Lee

Lewis Lee's goal is to open Malt Assault, the world's first malt liquor brew pub, where every beverage comes in a brown paper bag. Lewis is a grad student at U. of Leeds Institute for Transport Studies. He runs PriceRoads.com, a one-stop-shop for info and animations on road pricing.

My United Kingdom for a Plunger

Lewis Lee describes the difficulties he faced when trying to acquire a normal-sized plunger in the UK.

Gallagher’s Travels

The author of these Travels, Mr. Leo Anthony Gallagher, Jr., is my ancient and intimate friend; there is likewise some relation between us on the mother’s side, and a mutual appreciation for the comedic potential of the sledgehammer.

Of Testicles, Twizzlers, and Cans of Worms: The Story of My Varicocele

Lewis Lee’s scrotum has a varicocele, which people often describe as a “bag of worms.” He wishes they’d stop that.

On Accents, English and American

Lewis Lehe riffs on English accents, discussing the possible replacement of Received Pronunciation with Dizzeerascalian.