About Michael Kamber

Michael Kamber is a photojournalist who has covered wars throughout the world. He has been nominated for three Pulitzer Prizes, twice for photography and once for writing.

Afghanistan and Iraq: Photographs by War Correspondent Michael Kamber

“You can’t enter here with a camera,” I was told repeatedly.

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Tim Hetherington: Photojournalist, Giant

Fellow photojournalist Michael Kamber pays tribute to his fallen friend and offers an intimate glimpse into what made Hetherington such a remarkable man.

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Shooting The Truth

Pulitzer Prize nominated photojournalist Michael Kamber: “I never set out to cover wars.”

Repeating Iraq’s Mistakes in Afghanistan

War correspondent Michael Kamber talks about the lessons of Iraq, and how the situation in Afghanistan shows that they have not been learned.

A Conversation With Tim Hetherington

“He was like Hercules. I’m surprised the shell that killed him didn’t just bounce off.”

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Renewed Faith

Michael Kamber, a photojournalist who covered the war in Iraq, reacts to the Pat Tillman Story.