About Moriel Rothman

My name is Moriel Rothman. I am an American-Israeli writer and poet, based in Jerusalem and situated squarely on the Left, especially here. Recently added to my byline is “Refusnik,” as I have decided to refuse mandatory service in the IDF. I also like be a ‘nik. A beatnik, a refusenik, a sputnik. This blob is dedicated to sharing my Completely Objective and Undisputably True reflections, writings, analyses and poems about politics, activism, justice, love, and life in Israel-Palestine and in the world. And other various topics.

I’m an American Living in Israel and I’m going to Jail Rather Than Join the Israeli Defense Forces

Moriel Rothman is refusing to serve in the IDF an act of protest against what he sees as an unjust and evil system. Here is his story.