About Nilofar Ansher

Nilofar Ansher is a writer, editor and researcher from India. She recently earned her Masters of Arts in Ancient Indian Civilization. Nilofar is also the Community Manager for the 'Digital Natives with a Cause?' project, a research initiative of the Centre for Internet & Society that looks at the changing dynamics of youth, technology and change in the Global South. She is still trying to figure out the most basic questions of life: what motivates people to get out of bed each day, how do we change the world, where do we go from here and how does inter-space travel work in Asimov's books? In the mean time, she keeps busy with her communications job at the United Nations initiative, G3ict (http://www.g3ict.org), maintains a blog (http:www.trailofpapercuts.wordpress.com) and another one (http://www.longformwriter.com), indulges in a trip every 4 years, loves sinking into sci-fi movies and reading fiction, and cooking when it's accompanied by a willing partner ready to gulp the end result. She lives with her husband in the southern part of India.

Law and Ritual Practices: On Circumcision and Ethics

Nilofar Ansher questions some of the questioning in the circumcision debate