About Yago Colás

Yago Colás writes about sports, literature, and philosophy as equipment for living. He wrote the Cultures of Basketball Course Diary based on a course he created at the University of Michigan. You can find him on his blog, Between the Lines, and on twitter @yagocolas.

Donald Sterling and the Foundations of the Modern Basketball State

Earlier this week Lenny DeFranco dared to imagine a new form of professional sports franchise ownership. Here Yago Colas offers an historical glimpse at a time when just such a form of ownership might still have been possible.

The Voice of My Dad

When his father would cheer for him at his soccer and basketball games, Yago Colas understood that it was an expression of love and joy and acceptance.

Why I Love College Basketball

Continuing with the best NCAA Tournament articles from the GMP Sports archives, Yago Colas admits he has a soft spot for the college game, one grounded in the knowledge that the players we’re watching these few weeks in March are not quite yet adults. Everything that stirs us and causes us to cringe during the […]

Between Jesus and Wilt Chamberlain

Why was a kid from Wisconsin painting on sideburns to look like Walt Frazier?

There is no Greatest of All Time

LeBron James sparked discussion this offseason about who is the greatest of all time. Yago Colas is here to tell us there is no G.O.A.T., but the fun, as they say, is in the debate.

Meanings of Manu

Manu Ginobili shook out of his slump to help the Spurs within a game of the NBA Championship. Here, Yago Colas discusses the Argentine’s unique style of play within the racial, economic and political context of the global game basketball has become.

An Open Letter to Chris Webber: You Are Loved

Yago Colás would like Chris Webber to go to the University of Michigan game in Atlanta this weekend. Here’s why.

Teen Beat, or How I Love the College Game

Yago Colas explains why, despite all the youthful mistakes, the turnovers and the bad fouls, he loves college basketball.

Kobe’s Sin Is Ours: Sports and Homophobic Language

Kobe Bryant’s use of an anti-gay slur wasn’t an isolated incident; it’s still all too common in our society today.

You Dance and Shake the Hurt

Yago Colas reflects on race and basketball, as they were lived and played, body and soul, in 1970’s America.

Pain Makes Me Feel Unmanly

For Yago Colás, the anticipation of pain is often worse than the pain itself.

What Are We Talking About?

Yago Colás wonders if we’re not just chasing a squirrel when we discuss the end of things like gender and men.

How Basketball Helped Me Realize I’m Not White

Yago Colás stepped on to the basketball court and out of his insecurities.

An End to Innocence, or How I Learned to Shoot a Jump Shot

Even now, some 30 years later, Yago Colás remembers the jump-shot fundamentals he learned back in eighth grade.

Only Good Boys Get Hurt

As he got older, Yago Colás discovered that being injured wasn’t as cool as it used to be.

You Can’t Check Me

Yago Colás plays a ton of pickup basketball, but he can’t quite figure out why he never talks trash.