The Doorman: Turning a Bullying Past Into Kindness [Video]

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  1. What a special guy. Very inspirational.

  2. Is this an Onion piece?

    I cannot believe someone is putting a positive spin on this. The kid has been bullied so long and so bad he fucking learned his place. The other kids say “Doorman” but think “doormat”, and they have cruel fun at the expense of both the boy and the gullible reporters. That moment at 2:57 when they interview him and that hideous overgrown bully walks by and SLAPS him over the shoulders so hard he SHRINKS AND IS VISIBLY IN PAIN. Are you people FUCKING BLIND???

    Will the school system only come down on bullies when they knock at the principal’s door and report themselves? These fuckers PLAY THE SYSTEM, they use tactics and tricks and plausible deniability and whatnot, just as DV perps do. Teachers should be extensively trained to recognize these. Trick #1 is “it’s all in jest”, one that fucks with the victim’s mind just as successfully as it fools those who should intervene. Example is in the video at 2:57.

    And now I saw it again, and I can’t write anymore.

    • Actually, Josh goes to my school.
      People dont bully Josh. We love Josh, and we dont do this to tease him. One of the very first days of school this year, I was walking up the main stairs early in the morning, to see this stranger waiting there holding the door open for me, and for other people who walk by. I never even knew his name, but I still said thank you. No one ever knew his name but he still consistently held doors open for people. So we nicknamed him doorman.

      Sometimes Josh even comes over and talks to us at lunch, and he is really nice and friendly. As far as I know, he doesnt get picked on.

  3. I hope this is not real. This is not inspirational – it’s scary.

    • So it’s not just me!

      Have you been bullied? I have, and I wonder how one’s reaction to this piece correlates with first-hand knowledge of the subject.

  4. Two points – one, I don’t think the kids are picking on him. The reaction at 2:56 is surprise because he was focusing on talking to a reporter and didn’t notice someone behind him, his reaction isn’t consistent with being bullied.

    Second, personal pet peeve here, but seriously when someone makes a 360, they’re facing the same direction before they started turning. When someone changes from one state to the opposite, that’s a 180.

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