Two Young Women Went On a Canoe Trip. What They Caught on Video Will Stun You.

I sometimes need to be reminded I’m living in the middle of a miracle. This video does that.

As a man (vs. a boy), I often get caught up in the day to day process of getting it all done. I forget joy. I forget nature. I forget that its all so amazing. When we’re kids, the wonder of the world is right there. As a man, I’m supposed to be excited by a fumble in football, or a spike in the stock market. And don’t get wrong, that stuff is fine. But this? This reminds me I’m living in the middle of a miracle.

The first few seconds of the film are still-frames, but just wait until the video starts—you will be astounded. Two young filmmakers in Ireland, Sophie and Liberty, document a natural phenomenon that will remind you of the deeply miraculous nature of the world around us. Some folks will see the hand of God in this, others, the wonder of Darwin’s natural world. Whatever your point of view, you must agree our world is an amazing place.

Go here to learn more about the filmmakers Sophie and Liberty and their work.

By the way, the term for this startling phenomenon is murmuration. The videographer here did an amazing job of tracking the motions and the scale of this event. Murmuration is an example of what is termed free-scale correlation. The behavior can be in response to a hawk or other predator. But the results are spectacular. And for me, the results are: we’re all part of a miracle.

Editor’s note: The video is presented here exactly as Sophie and Liberty edited it including their choice for music. (I love the music.)

Murmuration from Islands & Rivers on Vimeo.

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  1. Crebain from Dunland!

  2. Wow.. This is fascinating and I have never seen anything like this before.

  3. Sherri Pula says:

    Thank you to ALL of you for sharing.

  4. Can someone at least tell me where this was filmed?

  5. Sean Higgins says:

    Starlings roosting in the evening. Quite a common site in UK.
    If you haven’t come across this yet you must be very young or sheltered.
    Still it is a fantastic spectacle.

  6. Martinmarlow says:

    Anyone know what the song is?

  7. Keep it simple says:

    Don’t need the music. Let the images speak for themselves.

  8. YAYTHEIST says:

    I call BS on the whole damn shemozzle. I fart on it’s face, smells better already. Birds poo on my car so I call farts, farts on birds and farts on the rapturous god-bothering, joy-pitching shonkies with the desperation oozing from their perishing eyelid follicles. :-)(-:

  9. Ryan Brown says:

    Bird shit dodging: expert mode

  10. Herbert Lye says:

    Speaking as a music lover, the music has jz covered the sound of nature, the video and the captured sound itself are already priceless 😉

  11. Don’t try to analyze this, don’t try to justify it, it is simply amazing, awesome – in the true sense of the word. Memorable. Beautiful.
    Thank you so much, Sophie and Liberty, for being there, for having your camera rolling. And for sharing this video.

  12. Plot twist: the two females’ bodies have been recovered in what authorities believe to be a case of a gruesome attack by a swarm of carnivorous birds in a real-life instance of life imitating art a la Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”. This video is found footage before the attack.

  13. Just a bunch of birds flying around. Don’t see the big deal. See birds flying everyday.

  14. All I can say is WOW!!! Thank you for sharing. Irregardless of my beliefs or non-belief’s, I can truly appreciate this for what it is. Something beautiful that brightened my day. It was awe-inspiring to me no matter how it transpired or was provoked. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

  15. I had to check that I wasn’t following Upworthy when this article’s title came up in my RSS feeds. 🙂

  16. The occurrence of the birds captured on film doing what they’ve done for millenia is brilliant and surreal (the young women are fairly fetching as well). The backing music, however, is unfortunately unnecessary. It is contrived and trivialises the event. I wished to hear the whoosh, swoosh and whirl of the assembled birds and the naked reactions and comments of the young women, not a Chicago-esque rip-off soundtrack drowning it all out.

  17. It’s a video of 2 women in a boat, witnessing something truly cool, beautiful and amazing. And the comments got all tangled up with who believes in God or not.. Maybe you might be taking yourselves all too damn seriously. Just look, watch, smile, move on.

  18. OK, it’s a video which shows clips of many birds flying about, forming unique changing patterns in the sky. I’ve seen the same thing several times at places where, daily, at certain times of the year, thousands of starlings are known to come back in the evenings to roost. The first time I saw it, I thought, ‘Wow!’ Now I just think, OK that’s still nice to see again (after making sure that my umbrella is up). To my regret, I then scrolled down to see the various comments underneath the video post. Unsurprisingly perhaps, I found mentions of the murmuration being a miracle, as well as stuff from curiously self-righteous people who for some reason feel the need to tell us that it’s wrong not to believe in God and everything He’s created. I wouldn’t normally bother to respond like this but this was just one time too many and I have some free time today.

    Religion does not seem to be something which is undeniable and with us from when the time are born. If it were, we would all stay religious throughout our lives. It must therefore be learned or perhaps experienced in some way, though not everybody goes through this process. That’s why there are those who ‘have it’ and those who do not. Those who do not are the ones who cannot yet understand it and you cannot fault them for that unless you choose to be unfair from the outset. These non-believers just haven’t experienced it for themselves yet. It’s not necessarily that they don’t want to, they may be completely open-minded and just waiting for that same kind of ‘Wow!’ as I had the first time I saw a bird murmuration. Had I not actually seen it before, and somebody told me that they were out walking and saw thousands of birds in the sky making the most amazing patterns, I might have thought, nope, I don’t believe that, how can enough birds come together to achieve that? I would need to see it for myself. Had I actually seen it then of course I’d believe it. What I wouldn’t do however, is expect everyone I told about it to believe me. It’s THE SAME thing.

    So is it reasonable to ask a non-believer to explain why they do not believe in something that they have not experienced yet? Where exactly would you want them to start? Religious people however do believe in something, so IF they for some reason want others to think the same then surely the onus is on them to explain why, with valid reasons. Whilst it might be sufficient reason for the believers, explaining this away with either having faith or not having faith seems a cheap cop-out if faith is the thing which you are trying to convince people of in the first place! If you are one of those who then gets angry or forceful about the whole thing, you again immediately make yourself even less believable and convincing. History and current conflicts in the world show us that this way of thinking can escalate to cause much violence and suffering. As good a reason as any to stay clear of the whole concept of religion in the first place.

    I hope that I have written the above calmly, reasonably and without any hint of aggression. I do not need to be religious to be a decent person. Not all so-called religious people seem to be decent people, often they are frighteningly quite the opposite, so yet another reason why I want them to tell me why I ought to join in their ways of thinking. I’ve found few better arguments why not to than this one, which can easily be found on the internet:

    The dictionary definition of God is “a supernatural creator and overseer of the universe.” Included in this definition are all deities, goddesses and supernatural beings. Since the beginning of recorded history, which is defined by the invention of writing by the Sumerians around 6,000 years ago, historians have cataloged over 3700 supernatural beings, of which 2870 can be considered deities.

    So next time someone tells me they believe in God, I’ll say “Oh which one? Zeus? Hades? Jupiter? Mars? Odin? Thor? Krishna? Vishnu? Ra?…” If they say “Just God. I only believe in the one God,” I’ll point out that they are nearly as atheistic as me. I don’t believe in 2,870 gods, and they don’t believe in 2,869.

    • Your response was amazing. The last paragraph, perfect. I almost feel compelled to say keep spreading that gospel, but instead I’ll say cheers!

    • And yet, you’ll bow before the ONE God one day … along with the rest of humanity. Then you’ll know that you were right about the other 2,869. Unfortunately, you were wrong about one – the one who counted.

    • Excellent! 🙂

    • I believe if there is a god, she will first send Atheists to heaven. The reason is simple, those who say they don’t believe in god have actually spent time and studied the subject, and those who chose to believe took the easy road, they relieved themselves of the responsibility to study the possibility of nature creating itself. So one studied it, the other did not. If there is a god, she’ll send Atheists to heaven first. IMHO. 🙂

    • Wow, Eric, you completely missed the point. Too bad you had to ramble on and on about your opinion.

  19. I love how some people get so offended … HAHAHA I loved this video, it was very cool to watch and I could only imagine being there. I could go on about people and their lack of respect for anyone and their very ignorant actions on a blog about a bird video, but why waste that time. I really had a good laugh at the comment about birthing children, I must of missed that part of the video. Just one thing .. don’t insult my religion with narrow minded and empty comments. If you don’t believe in God, OK.. but don’t start giving your philosophical opinion on my religion. … How did you put it? …..” I have been brain washed sense I was a small child” .. In that case I should know more about believing in GOD than you.
    It was an amazing Video and if someone wants to say it part of god….. So be it. I don’t judge you for not believing. So don’t assume because someone made a God comment that it was to offend you.

    O and YES I might of birthed my child… So did Mary and Jesus was still a Child of GOD.

  20. Bird flash mob! Haha!

  21. Nothing to me is more awe inspiring than the cosmic power of nature. We had a murder of crows above our house last summer very similar to this. It was an amazing sight. I hollered in the house for my husband, we unfortunately couldn’t get it on video in time, but it was something that will stick with us. We started hearing rain, and realized it wasn’t water. Luckily neither of us got splattered but it was a near thing. Still we stayed outside to watch until it dissipated.

  22. Imagine all the birds took a shit together..

  23. Didn’t notice the birds… was too busy looking at the girl. Now there’s the true beauty… that smile is amazing!! *WOW*

  24. nacho mama r yo daddy says:

    Very awesome but I’d rather hear the birds than the stupid melodrama music. This just screwed it up – making a cool moment commercialized.

  25. It’s almost as if they were mimicking the waves of the sea. Birds are awesome creatures.

  26. I first thought those were bats. it would have been nice to have a more concise description of what we were actually seeing instead of three paragraphs about miracles- that weren’t miracles. wondrous? yes. miraculous? not so much. just needed the facts. and better word choice. everything else was superfluous.

  27. Never seen anything like that, awesome!

  28. The woman in the front is what I found beautiful. If anyone can help; I’d like to write her.

  29. If you drive a car or use money on a daily basis, you have no right to enjoy this (myself included).

  30. Flocking behavior can have the appearance of being centrally organized or controlled, but it’s actually fairly random. Each bird simply adheres to a set of rules that include how close to fly to the nearest neighbors, and which way to turn when the wind changes. I took this concept and elevated it to human beings, and it became a novel titled, Dance of the Innocents. Here’s the scoop about it…

  31. Webster’s definition of miracle: an extraordinary event manifesting divine intervention in human affairs.

  32. It’s a flock of friggin’ birds! ….Big whoop!
    It ain’t god for cryin out loud.
    I see that crap inCental Park everyday….but it’s pigeons.

    • realize you are connected to that life, its the essence of being. you are the bird and the bird is you. eventually when you are ready you will understand that concept and live it to the fullest. good luck in your journey 🙂

  33. Tired of the Fantasy says:

    The problem with believing in GOD/Jesus is that it normally requires you to put invisible people above real people – which of course leads to de-valuing real people. Life is good when people respect other people – it has nothing to do with believing in fantasy beings. You end up allowing yourself to have “faith” in things that are unseen – translation – you live in a fantasy world where reality has been replaced with a …. hope that your invisible friend will help you to raise him and yourself above all others. Stop with the childish desire to believe in crazy stories handed down from barbarians of 2000 years ago that would put one another to death for making meals on the “sabbath” and just look around you at the real world you live in. It has much goodness – and you should put your effort into making it better, not creating a fantasy world. People are whats important – all people – not just the ones that choose to believe in your version of a all powerful – invisible – floaty – person – that “must be put above everyone else”!!!!! nuff said……

    • It's not Fantasy... says:

      I hope you can explain that to them when, one day, you face them in person. Don’t worry–just because you don’t believe in them doesn’t mean they don’t believe in you.

  34. In Denmark this phenomenon is seen in the fall in the dusk, on the West coast around the waden sea area when the starlings are gatering to fly South to warmer climates. It has been named: “Black sun” and people travel far to live the experience and you can get really close to the birds and hear the thousands of wings flapping – an amazing sound and visual experience.

    • Terri in Tulsa says:

      Once watched mile after mile of this, along side a highway on a road trip in Oklahoma. Stunning. Similar experience can be watched at sundown, as bats fly out of Carlsbad Cavern.

  35. Keith Patton says:

    What struck me the most is their utter lack of knowlege of how to paddle a canoe and handle one safely. In the windy cold conditions, the should not have been sitting they should have been kneeling. If they had been spilled in the water, we would have been discussing two fatalities due to hypothermia, rather than spitting up over ourselves over a relatively common phemomena you see all the time, that is if you spend any time at all out of doors.

    • Wow. Way to spoil the mood. Not everyone has daily access to scenes like this. Cant believe your able to watch a video such as that and all you can do is criticize the way in which they are paddling -_-
      Go home.

    • Me Myself and I says:

      Keith you sound like you are lots of fun… would you like to come to a party? I need someone like you to start talking at about 2am so that everyone will go home…. It would be better than me asking them and looking like a douche

    • I love people who try to boast their knowledge on something random and just wind up disgracing themselves and showing everyone nothing more than the residing fact that they as a person are a complete and utter tit.

    • No, the water looks fine. I’ve done a fair amount of canoeing in similar situations. That’s not nearly choppy enough to necessitate getting low in the canoe, which doesn’t help that much anyway, and they were close to the shore so probably not really in the wind.

      Paddling in the seat is far more comfortable and efficient.

    • Gee, thanks for that ‘grandad’ .Whatever would we do without the ‘geezers’ in society telling us we are doing everything wrong.

  36. Reminds me of that poem, A Great Scarf of Birds- -Updike

  37. This actually happens in Sacramento California above a Target. It is beautiful.

  38. Great video but simply no need for the music. The spectacle is dramatic enough on its own.

  39. I am not one to think that this is a miracle, it’s just nature, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. Our world can be a very dangerous, hostile, and scary place; it can also be incredibly beautiful. Set your opinions aside and just enjoy the beauty of the video. It doesn’t matter whether or not you believe in God. No one (religious and non-religious people alike) can prove any of their beliefs beyond a reasonable doubt anyway, so relax. Have your beliefs and just enjoy the video. Stop arguing; it gets no one anywhere.


  41. Sheesh…its nature…should it spark an argument about god? Everyone has a right to believe in what they want. I am not a believer but I’m not going to ridicule those who are, nor should the reverse be happening.

    • Well said Nicole…..although it is clearly nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the beauty of nature….which I can see how, a couple of thousand years must have seemed supranatural….beyond explanation. But we have moved on….and to not be able to look at science and nature in terms of the FACTS on the table is beyond ignorant. That said….an AMAZING video….lets never forget the power of nature.

    • Terri in Tulsa says:

      I don’t see God and Nature as separate.

  42. Mathew 10:29-31 29 Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground outside your Father’s care.[a] 30 And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. 31 So don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows.

  43. super cool video but starlings are assholes. they lay their egg in another birds nest and the chick is bigger and kills the other chicks off by hogging all the food. when the other chick is nearly dead the starling baby throws it out of the nest. lol. it should be called a murdation.

  44. Too bad we’re killing so many birds that so soon this will be a thing of the past…

  45. starlings suck!

  46. Jenny Mae says:

    I wonder what a bird thinks of us when we flock together?

  47. Cute,…Head to Brighton beach (Southern England), you see the same all the time!! Always against a golden sunset over the beach and piers!

  48. Thank you for sharing this video. I just plain enjoyed it. 🙂

  49. Neil Hill says:

    The worlds of difference between this video and this story….

  50. Muriel gray says:

    What started out as a discussion about murmuration suddenly became a discussion of religion.
    Why couldn’t it stay about the birds?

  51. How can a huge flock of birds spiralling in a beautiful pattern inspire controversy ….. Humans are so egotistical that it is amazing. Do you think the birds are arguing over theology? Are we really that advanced? There is a very thin layer of atmosphere that allows us survival on this planet … in astronomical terms it is not near a hairs breadth. But still we think the whole thing revolves around us. The human race has only existed here for a minute section of earths actual time line. WE ARE A VERY SMALL SPECK IN THIS BIG SCHEME OF THINGS ………. TIME FOR US ALL TO LEARN A LITTLE HUMILITY!!!! GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!

  52. Günzelsen says:

    The Music is brainf**** bad.

  53. This is very cool indeed, but what the heck is with the cheesy music?! lol

  54. What a great reminder of the power and beauty of nature… and that we cannot design how inspiration comes into our lives. For example, if they said, “Hey how can we make an inspiring film? Let’s think of things to film…” they would not have created this piece of work. Instead, this is the result of two women living their truths (we ARE filmakers) and still engaging in the living of their lives (let’s go canoeing… not because it’s a logical way to complete a project, but because it feels right). By being there, honoring their authentic selves in that natural environment, and with their video camera with them, they were offered the beauty and inspiration of the universe.

    This is what I teach women about relationships (I’m a dating and relationship mentor). You don’t find the right man or find love with a checklist or set of rules… you create your OWN life and live it authentically so it places you where you are most fulfilled and most meant to be at the moment when the universe chooses to reveal love to you.

    Receiving beauty, whether natural or emotional, is the result of opening ourselves to the possibility of detaching from the goal and just BEING. Being ourselves. Listening to our feelings and intutions and then acting upon them in the living our daily life.

    When we do that, it’s not that miracles happen… it’s that the miracles that are always happening around us are finally visible to us.

  55. Jenny Mae says:

    Miracle? Just looks like a whole crap load of birds flying around – pretty neat to witness but not entirely out of this world

  56. Hercules P. Huge says:

    Someone’s a damn good cinematographer.

  57. I just want to remind you that there are indeed Christian men having the nature of ‘conversations’ you seem to allude to on this site. I appreciate your convictions in improving the lives of your fellow man, but please remember that the internet, entertainment, and the slough of raw material that used to be conscious life, which is drying up in the sun, has happened among thousands (understatement) of individuals who view living a justifiable life, and helping to facilitate that in others, often across the world, as their chief task.

    Thanks for your time, Mark.


  58. The same thing happens outside the mall (in my area at least lol).. It’s pretty cool to see in person

  59. I do exist, motha lickas!

  60. Religion is so funny. As soon as an individual says, “there is no god” the Christians sarcastically attack. Attack is the keyword! Go judge the olympics because your pretentious behavior is so 50’s.

  61. Hey Mark…simply amazing!!! I’ve never lost that sense of wonder, and it’s never disappointed me:’)! I would love to know what emotions n thoughts right after, that time of first reactions!

  62. This is beautiful. All I could say while watching it was, WOW!”

  63. How about this. Instead of arguing over whether or not its a miracle or just nature and science, just appreciate it, or don’t watch the video. Stop taking the attention away from the beauty of the world and putting it on (some not all of you) your arrogant, selfish, attention-whoring selves. Truth is, people are going to believe what they believe. No anonymous comment will change their minds. And those of you who are commenting your belief on someones comment who doesn’t believe the same, are just looking to cause drama. You aren’t doing it for good intentions. So shut up and appreciate it. Comment on this or don’t, because I frankly don’t give a rat’s ass what you have to say to me.

  64. This is absolutely beautiful however when certain viewers see this and proclaim “God is Beautiful!!!!” its truly sad because what we are actually watching is nature in its rawest form something that “god” has nothing to do with and shall take no credit for. This action is still a “miracle” only because so many of us leave it as just that an act of god, when really we should ask how did they do that? why did they do that? so that we can better understand this event and understand natures true beauty. We need not more passive minds attributing any beautiful act to the grace of “God”, but more inquisitive minds to discover the means behind all of these acts so that we may truly understand nature so that we may become closer to our true created mother earth.

  65. Paul Savage says:

    You see bird swarms like this all the time in Virginia. I miss seeing them, now that I live in the UK.

  66. Superfarmer says:

    Atheists are an angry bunch. Where there is anger, there is usually pain.

    • Look, I spotted a pseudo-intellectual internet/armchair Psychologist. Shouldn’t you be busy praying for our eternal salvation instead of trolling the internet?

      • LOL! Yes–most of the religious aren’t happy unless they can pontificate and posture over others–that’s essentially what it’s all about. Without that feeling that they are a member-in-good-standing with an ‘all-powerful super-being’ and *you others* are not, they have nothing left except a broken fantasy–anathema to the egoistic.

        They have their necessary boogieman (which all religions require, i.e., dark/light, black/white, believer/infidel, etc.) and so called ‘atheists’ or ‘non-believers’ fill the bill. We are the “soulless, unfeeling, unloving monsters” they so desperately need to look down on and despise/pity/ridicule/fear. For the religious, it is patently unacceptable to live in a world with people who either have different beliefs or, in the case of atheists, no “beliefs/blind faith” at all.

  67. Once again the innerwebs prove that equally on the left and on the right, people are ignorant. I’m one of the ignorant ones on the left by the way.

  68. Bert Williams says:

    A flash mob – bird-style 🙂

  69. What is really so sad is when we witness an interesting act of nature and then must automatically ascribe it to some invisible daddy-in-the-sky.

    People go “God is wonderful!”

    …but when you ask, ‘Which of the dozens of Gods that humans believe in are you referring to?’ you are treated like a diseased cretin. Of course, it’s Jesus! Of course, it’s Allah!’ Of course, it’s Jehova!

    As soon as you turn from the door of knowledge and truth, and throw open the door to ‘blind belief’, then every imaginable monster will suddenly appear–the true lesson of Pandora’s Box.


    • Bert Williams says:

      Wow, Steven. Sorry for your loss.

      • He is not lost, In my opinion he is free.

      • Sorry? What did I “lose”?

        To me, unfettered, unbiased ‘truth’ is the most profoundly beautiful thing anyone could ever experience.

        That you choose to believe in some sort of unproven-yet-convenient fiction that others have created for you, is not only a terrible loss for you, it is just plain sad.

        • Superfarmer says:

          Steven, please explain to me the origins of the universe. Nothing theoretical please, but the precise scientific explanation. Thanks in advance.

          • Superfarmer please explain to me the origins of the Universe. Nothing theoretical please, nothing from a book compiled and written by stone-age sheep farmers please. Thanks in advance

          • No one can explain the origins of the universe with any degree of certainty–at least not yet.

            So, because we can’t as yet, you want to attribute it to some invisible being made up by illiterate, impoverished dessert dwellers thousands of years ago.

            Solar eclipses used to be considered miracles until the truth was finally discovered by early free thinkers.

            If you use this sort of non-reasoning–use this sort of ancient filter to look at nature, life and the universe–then you become blind to any other possibility. In effect, you have already decided what is what and no further debate is allowed–your mind is frozen.

            To use your non-reasoning as an example, if I say to you that I believe that your God is not the one true God, but that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is the one true God, what argument do you have that makes your belief any more valid or legitimate than mine? You have nothing because you cannot prove otherwise.

            The truth as we can understand it, through evidence and reason, is the only substantial argument we have against a load of different people’s beliefs as above, and if we adhered to that basic principle, many wars and millions of deaths could be avoided.

            But if you refuse to look for truth in nature, and wrap yourself in religious superstition, then you will, inevitably, murder others in the name of your religion. It is perverse, anti-human, anti-spiritual and fundamentally insane, and yet it is happening all around you in the name of your “loving” God. Superstitious ‘belief’ always results in a twisted perversion of natural truth.

  70. Amazing video.
    I feel sad that people feel the need to debate theology over the use of the term miracle.
    I’ve always loved watching Starlings do this, it’s a show that I can’t imagine anyone would turn away from.
    Beautiful and inspiring – No matter what you believe.

  71. Very nice “flocking” application for your 3D animation software.. good job on your composite work as well. Very well animated. Thanks

  72. the video is blurred cant see. Looks like maybe some birds flying.

  73. We see these all the time in eastern North Carolina… All though this one was particularly impressive!

  74. –There is no one so dogmatically prejudiced as one who refuse to believe in the possibility of miracles.– To paraphrase GK Chesterton.

    John 12:40

    • My version
      There is no one so dogmatically prejudice as on who believes that anything they do not understand is a miracle.

      Nature happens, its beautiful and sometimes harsh.

  75. Hardly a miracle, but beautiful to watch.

    • Ilene Roberts says:

      come on… humans drive in lines in the same direction and they can’t not run into one another… tell me HOW those birds not crashing into one another isn’t a miracle?

      • Actually some do fly into each other and break wings and legs. The predator bird (hawk, eagle, etc) can then easily finish them off on the ground or water.

      • Charles Darwin says:

        It’s not a miracle… it’s pure physics! The birds, which I actually think are bats, are using the ever complex wind currents to move without having to beat their wings. They are conserving energy by using the upward and downward flows created by the air. We should all know that hot air rises and cooler air sinks. The same can be seen with seagulls at the beach or any bird in the sky. This is just happening at a massive scale so it is much easier to witness. It’s always hilarious to see people’s responses to things they don’t understand; always blaming God for things when in fact turning to science is always the answer.
        This image of the wind currents over bodies of water demonstrates that air doesn’t move in one directions but in many directions. Come on people, everyone has the right to believe in God at the spiritual level, but be smart enough to know that “he” isn’t the reason behind why things happen.

  76. and than Alucard eat them

  77. LaDonna Cole says:

    I wish I weren’t so cynical. I find it suspect that the author of this blog is an award winning animator. However, whether nature was the creator or the animator, it was stunning.

  78. The hatred of atheists never ceases to amaze me.

    • Everyone is hated. Atheists, Christians, fat, skinny, rich, poor, genuine, fake. Learn to be ok with the fact that somewhere out there someone hates you. Love is much more amazing. It takes thought and effort. Hate just takes fear and ignorance.

  79. Why is a lion killing a zebra (both god’s creatures) not as beautiful?

    • Ilene Roberts says:

      oh does it offend you? cause there’s nothing wrong with nature doing what nature does. the lions hunting abilities, the zebras cunning attempts to save it’s life and stamina… those are beautiful things.

      • Oh, I agree. You just don’t see people posting a lion feeding on a carcass and then commenting on the beauty as proof there’s a god.

  80. Very cool

    Would be good if humans could learn to do this as well

  81. Don’t know why they have to take something beautiful and just by it’s self naturally amazing and then ruin it with music. I wish I could have just listened to the water and the girls jaws dropping rather than some crappy music….

  82. sweet, a flock of birds probbaly avoiding a predator bird… this video is not a miracle u losers, go watch Planet Earth and you’ll see some interesting stuff… without the lame music

  83. In Rome, during migratory season, we have the same spectacular show of birds (and poop!) Expecially near the central station and near the Tevere river. Is not beautiful the same as in Ireland and we just not stare at this! Rather we would like to set them on fire and cut every tree or light where they are sit…perspective’s differences i guess!

  84. When townies goto the countryside… Have they not seen a flock of starlings before? ZOMG lets blog it so our graphic designer friends see how in touch with the natural world we really are! Sorry for being negative, but I was expecting something that was going to stun me, not something that I see every autumn. Don’t get me started on the music..

  85. It reminds me of Rinko Kawauchi’s photobook “Murmuration”. But I think this film is a better way to catch the atmosphere than a photo. Great moment.

  86. It reminds me of Rinko Kawauchi’s book “Murmuration” (Google it!). But I think this film is a way better to catch the atmosphere than the photos. Great Moment.

  87. Oh man! I wish i was there with my shotgun, i could have killed a bunch with 1 shell.

  88. You guys need to get out more, this is really normal :). I admit it is pretty and I am glad to see it from my computer screen, but all over the would, outside of any place densely populated by people, you can see this on a regular basis.

  89. jamie campbell says:

    I have never heard people talk so much. What a complete bunch of. Just enjoy the video.

  90. Sandra Lassen says:

    The music was a distraction. I would have preferred to experience the sounds of thousands of wings over the water. Please repost it with no added music.

    • felicia schweitzer says:

      Tip: speakers have a knob for the sole purpose of volume control… am I alone on this? If you don’t like the music, just turn your speakers off or mute! ??? sheesh

  91. jerry seinfeld says:

    please explain what role gender plays in this video

  92. “Do they not see the birds held (flying) in the midst of the sky? None holds them but Allah [none gave them the ability to fly but Allah]. Verily, in this are clear Ayat (proofs and signs) for people who believe (in the Oneness of Allah)”. [Quran 16:79]

    “Do they not see the birds above them, spreading out their wings and folding them in? None upholds them except the Most Gracious (Allah). Verily, He is the All-Seer of everything”. [Quran 67:19]

  93. abel austria says:


    If you think this is miracle – just think of human as the greatest miracle, all other creatures are miracle.
    ever wonder how each part of a human works so efficiently, how amazing is each designed?

  94. Talk about the road less traveled.

    Congratulations ladies!

    “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
    I took the one less traveled by,
    And that has made all the difference.” – Robert Frost

  95. This is basically 2/3rds of Terrence Malick’s ‘Tree of Life’.

    V. intrigued as to how they forged those tiny trumpets though.

  96. There are places in the Caribbean where you can experience similar mass movement of huge schools of fish. One is on the north shore of Francis Bay on St. John and the other is on the north end of the harbor in Canouan and island in the the Grenadines. Quite an amazing experience….

  97. Brock London says:

    Very suspicious. I smell Photoshop. And, where’s the audible reaction from the girls? No shouts? No exclamations!

  98. ” Some folks will see the hand of God in this, others, the wonder of Darwin’s natural world.”
    Some of us see both….

  99. Warren Probe-Leigh says:

    Awesome footage,

    Shame about the shitty music added to it!

    • You mean fucking awesome music that you could never make yourself?

    • Superluminal says:

      I have to agree.
      While I’m sure this “fucking awesome music” has it’s place in the world, in this context, it’s ridiculous.
      It turned something truly Fucking AWESOME into a mere odd curiosity I find myself somewhat embarrassed to share.
      Save the horny horns for flashing tourists on the Strip. This needs soaring inspiration, or nothing at all.

    • downincognito says:

      Amazing , beautiful. What kind of idiots wld complain about the music???? miserible f@#ks

  100. I hope you had an umbrella, bird poop city.

  101. 2 people enjoying nature as it happens, step away from the computer and it can happen to you, but far more awesome than it’ll look on your little screen.

  102. Why is everyone referring to Jesus? Ah, I’m assuming this video was made and is doing the rounds in a Christian nation.

    If this video went viral in Thailand everyone would be thanking Buddha. Or if it went viral in a Muslim country they would be Allah. Or if it went viral India most people would be thanking multiple God (hindu), if it happened in ancient Rome they would be thanking Jupiter Optimus Maximus, if it happened in ancient Greek they would be thanking Zeus, etc, etc.

    You get my point. Check it out for yourselves Just look at how many Gods there are.

    It truly baffles me as to how the human brain can be so ignorant to these facts, yet still believe that the particular God they were brain washed into believing in is the right one, and all other Deities are wrong. lol

    All religious people are atheist to all other Gods, accept the one they believe in. A true atheist just goes one God further.

  103. Frank Thomas says:

    A wonderful example of the Living Word of God at work, in the things of which he created into existence by his Living Word… and the miracle is that everything is held together, works together, by invisible laws of faith, of which we have the ability to undermine or enhance according to the measure of faith we apply.

    Everything, is a living miracle at work bearing witness and testimony to its Creator, for it portrays the very essence intended… LIFE, Connected LIFE!

    The birds may be displaying what comes natural to them, but it is a perfect example of a unified harmony that we often times fail to see, find or examine within ourselves.

    But ask now the beasts, and they shall teach thee; and the fowls of the air, and they shall tell thee:
    Or speak to the earth, and it shall teach thee: and the fishes of the sea shall declare unto thee.
    Who knoweth not in all these that the hand of the LORD hath wrought this?
    In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind. Job 12:7-10 kjv

  104. This is VERY COMMON daily behaviour for this type of bird. They disperse for miles and miles all day to feed and create this spectacle at dusk every day as a beacon for the flock to return to their roosting area. Once they have a critical mass they will drop into the trees to sleep.

  105. Bird Man of the Wilderness says:

    I like to know why they didn’t get plopped on with that many birds they had to let one loose

  106. Lifejackets anyone?

  107. Fellas, it shouldn’t be such a big deal that two women can paddle a canoe. Stop being so amazed.

  108. This isn’t a miracle, a miracle of nature yes, but it happens every single night over the albert bridge in Belfast. It’s absolutely beautiful yes, but the supposedly ‘amazing’ videography is not amazing at all, it hardly makes you a filmmaker if you capture something amazing, you’re just someone with a camera. And not particularly good at using it either!

  109. tmwalkerm says:

    Now THAT was cool! I’ve seen similar formations with Canada geese but nothing like this. If it weren’t for the fact that I’m terrified of birds, especially huge flocks like this swooping at my head, I would love to see that up close….knowing me though, I’d probably scream, fall into the water and hide under the canoe until they were gone LOL.

  110. A not so knowledgable person says:

    Personally I don’t know much about God, I don’t know if God created the world, why he created the world, why he made this thing happen, or any of that really. I don’t really know the definition for miracle either. I don’t know any of you people, I don’t know why any of you are being negative, I could infer if I wanted too. The point is i’m not all that smart, definitely not as smart as all you people, or at least not as smart as you seem, and i’m sure you’ll all just agree with me that you couldn’t care less about what i write as a comment on a blog.

    But before all that, I’d say having seen this video, perhaps I should go on another canoe trip this summer.

  111. Great stuff – maybe you could post one without the music, so we could hear what it sounded like.

  112. amazing!

  113. Stunning I see smaller versions of this at dusk where I live in north east England so beautiful to watch Awesome & Humbling.

  114. Previously on LOST

  115. kienhoa68 says:

    Excellent use of video camera. Nice even panning. A great moment properly captured. Well done.

  116. Why take a moment in time like that and EDIT music over top of it to the point where you cannot experience fully what the ladies were hearing, what they were saying etc… you have no clue whomever did the video…seriously lose the music. man !

  117. All joking aside, this was very cool. But I feel like people are getting too up in arms with the use of the word “miracle”. Doesn’t necessarily have to have religious connotations.

    But yea, I think adding the music was overkill, but that aside this was really neat. Nature is incredible.

  118. Kenneth Allen says:

    I simply enjoyed the video, fascinated by how even the birds which appear late into the video from the right side get swept into the mass of birds, and am surprised how so many people are upset by what other people think about this video and what it means to those other people rather than what it means or does not mean to themselves. sometimes a Sunrise is just a sunrise. What is god inspired awe to one is the start of another day to another. Enjoy in your own way. Or hate on your own time.

  119. It was startling. My mouth dropped open and my heart sang a song of Love through unity. One Mind, One Spirit, One Love! What an incredibly awesome, profound experience those women had and shared with all of us. Thank you. We need more heartwarming experiences as a collective. Too much mix up. Too many lies about each other, about religions to keep folks downtrodden and ignorant, though some truly do lift. The main ones have us at odds with each other, because each of those major, if you will, religions needs to be number 1. The video showed us that we are ONE! I’d rather be part of a powerfully Loving Murmuration than have all the material wealth folks think is a sign of success. I’d rather see a world filled with Love than anything else. I live for that.

  120. jackie theisen says:

    Wow… now you need to put a like icon & an Idiot icon not just reply…. I would so love to HIT IDIOT…. but more so LIKE….. IF some can’t see the miracle,the awe, the wonder,the joy or God at time’s. feel so sorry for you…

    • The Beard says:

      Funny, I was thinking people who can’t grasp science and resort to soothing fairy tales are the ones to feel sorry for.

      • My thoughts exactly.

      • Nunya Bidnes says:

        With science uncovering more and more spectacular things about the nature of the world we live in, I feel like the truly reasonable people don’t denounce either science or religion, and accept both of them as different routes to the same thing, understanding the nature of life. I see so many people associating anyone who believes in “god” with the bible and organized religion in general. Believing that there are forces in this world that we can’t see or necessarily understand with our limited human minds, doesn’t necessarily mean you believe in “soothing fairy tales”. Believing in “god” has nothing to do with whether or not you can grasp science. Not everyone who is religious or spiritual is a bible thumper. Get your head out of your ass. Seriously.

        • Seriously??
          Science and religion are not “different routes to the same thing.”
          Religion is fairytale-based, and science is fact-based. Definitely not even close to being close to the same thing.

        • I hear exactly what you’re saying. It’s sad that both ‘sides’ that you describe leading to the same thing can produce such militant interpretations of the thing, science or religion. To be so convinced of their exaggerated interpretations, mirroring each other and yet feeling complete superiority over each other. Quite a thing to see.

      • Fairy tales like the fact that this is CGI, green screened and a fake video? All worked up in defending a stance that is fake in the end. Ironic.

  121. john long says:

    I like beautiful the beautiful bird video. the huge number if birds makes it more dramatic. people who get out in nature a lot recognize this type of bird behavior/flight pattern , but usually on a lesser scale. life and all of nature is the miracle.

  122. I have experienced a massive flock of birds swarming overhead whilst sailing and the result was that I and the entire boat was covered in white bird-shit. Look at her red jacket at the end of the clip. Considering the amount of passes that went right overhead it seems like this video really a *miracle…*

  123. Beautiful. I love being alive.

  124. Paul Samat says:

    Truly stunning,

    What a bunch of soulless negative twats posting on here!

    Such a great video clip, I love the choice of music to accompany the clip.

    The look on the girl with the red jackets face at the end is brilliant.

    Excellent stuff!


  125. And this is all…

    …an accident…

  126. Franklin Evans says:

    We need more of this.

    Next time, please also post the video without the music. My recommendation to anyone seeing such a video is that they relax and pretend that they are there in person. Life does not provide sound tracks. Just ask the ladies in the canoe if they thought music would have made their experience any better.

  127. The added music ruined the video, whoever added the awful music drowning out the nature sounds should back up and remove the track.

  128. “Common Starlings reappeared in the Pacific Northwest in the mid-1940s and these birds were probably descendants of the 1890 Central Park introduction.[89] The original 60 birds have since swelled in number to 150 million, occupying an area extending from southern Canada and Alaska to Central America.” Yay! Invasive species, out of control!

  129. Lin Bourelle says:

    That was amazing!! you have to be pretty jaded not to see the miracle of nature that this is!

  130. La madre naturaleza y sus virtudes increíbles. La verdad tal vez yo me pudiera haber asustado un poco todo lo nuevo da un poco de miedo especial mente para toda las personas que dejamos de conéctanos con la naturaleza. Pero la verdad es súper espectacular hermoso gracias por compartir este hermoso video.

  131. vanessa clark says:

    a thing of beauty….starlings in a symphony of wind,water,waves….magic. pretty sure i would have fell out of the canoe!

  132. Nice video but why is this a “miracle” … It’s nature! beautiful, sometimes stunnuing when witnessed live, but hardly a miracle.

    • Janette I agree , but it’s an interesting video nonetheless made possible by the miracle of modern technology . Another piece of modern technology is the inflatable life jackets these girls should have been wearing. Remember all you religious guys out there , tell your kids : “The Lord helps those who help themselves”

  133. Benedict Reyes says:

    Amazing! the right place at the right time i suppose. Anyone know the track they used on this one?

  134. Wow, and I thought I was negative.

    Everyone Keep Calm And Watch The Damn Birds 😛

  135. To all of you useless, negative minded, awful people. You are exactly what is wrong with the world today. It’s a beautiful video. Why not enjoy it? I’ll tell you why! Because there are so many self-perscribed aspects in your personal lives, that the only way you can feel at par with anything beautiful, is to put it down, in hopes of it coming down to your level. Which never happens, because too many positive people will see it stays above you, always. Rather, why not focus on what makes it beautiful, leaving a kind comment, or at the very least, staying humble and quite. Those are the traits which might one day give rise to your short comings.

    In response to some of the ridiculous comments:

    *There need not be a saving of a baby in order for a miracle to have been present. You’re an Idiot.
    *Just because you seen something four times on your way to work, it doesn’t make it less beautiful or intriguing. I’m guessing you’ve never had a girlfriend.

    • Perfect. Love the rebuttals and the boisterous trumpeting love behind them all! Amazing visions of nature at it’s best. If only all of humanity could work in concert like this~!

  136. Just because it happens daily – makes it no less a miracle. We live on a miraculous planet – where miracles happen every day. That’s the magic of being here. We forget because it seems “common”. There is nothing common about US and the world in which we live. It’s all about perspective. Use your heart and mind together – and you will have the eyes to see the world and humanity for what it really is – absolute magic. God is EVERYWHERE and in EVERYTHING.

    • Agree with you Gaia. God is so great. He created these with rhythm.

    • Guy Milne says:

      Ummmm Yes, yes it does a miracle is: The suspension of the natural order. This is exactly the opposite of that. It is an example of the beauty of the natural order. To imply “divine intervention” by using the word miracle, does a disservice to natural law.

    • So true! Loving miracles the hand of God who put all things into a fantastic natural design! <3333

  137. As I read through all of the negative comments, I start to realize how out of touch some people are with the awesome wonder around them. Some of you have taken the time to quote dictionaries, how great you are. For those two young ladies, this was a miracle. A one time wonder of amazement, something they may never experience again in their lives. Whether it was a flight of fear, or just a joyous wonder of flight it was fabulous. People chill, relax, I hope you enjoyed the video, I sure did. The one, who saw this three times on the way to work, you must be blessed. Three times you got to enjoy something that millions of others will never. As a “man” the author referring to himself, as a HUman race, the spectacular wonders that we get to share and enjoy (even if this was flight of fear). Most of the above comments are probably from those that have never ventured into our wondrous natural environment. Chill People!!!

  138. ****ing *****…….even though you say you don’t connect the word “miracle” with religious events, the word “miracle” does that all by itself !! Getting sick and ****ing tired with people describing acts of nature as “miracles”……smarten the **** up!!

    (Edited: Please see our comment policy)

    • wonder and awe says:

      You’re awfully rude to people for finding awe, wonder, and joy in the natural world. I think it’s pretty crappy of you to be so negative to others for appreciating beauty. Whether you find this video to be miraculous or not doesn’t mean you should be an asshole and calling people names.

      mir·a·cle (mr-kl)
      1. An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin or an act of God: “Miracles are spontaneous, they cannot be summoned, but come of themselves” (Katherine Anne Porter).
      2. One that excites admiring awe. See Synonyms at wonder.
      3. A miracle play.

    • Why are you so mad about something so mysterious and wonderful?

  139. “as a man”… seems to imply that your sentiments would somehow differ if you were a woman?

    • Nobody knows nothing says:

      No. He simply means being a man now, as opposed to, being a boy. A boy does not get “caught up in the day to day process.” Boys have no worries. Don’t assume he is being sexist. Always doubt unless it is undoubtedly clear they are.

    • Perhaps? Or maybe just read the entire post instead of just the photo caption?

      Congratulations on finding a way to take offense to something beautiful that the author had no obligation to share, nor you to judge him for failing to consider your personal bias when constructing his sentences.

  140. Stu Dapples says:

    Awe inspiring. Such a shame that there are bullies on here trying to find negatives.

  141. stella Hoffstarr says:

    um…. really peoples…!??? Just appreciate the fact that what the girls experienced was pretty awesome… people have opinions and describe things the way the feel about it or the first thing that comes to their minds… on this occasion, ‘miracle’ was used… SO what… all of you.. get oves!

    Appreciate, not hate… JEEZ

    *thumbs up for sharing the vid by the way* twas’ in ‘awe of the miracle’

  142. ABSOLUTELY Amazing!!! mesmerizing…..truly!

  143. I have always wanted to witness this!! and that’s a huge murmuration!! and the closest i have seen so far online.

  144. i saw something very similar to that when i was hitch hiking in new jersey in 1971. i think it was some kind of migration where birds were going from north to south for the winter. it was like a big black tube in the sky that stretched for miles and miles. i watched them flying for 20 or 30 minutes and there had to be several million birds. it was quite a spectacle .

  145. this is why i try not to use the word miracle. because the fanatics think they own it, like most everything else. they know no humility, as they cannot grasp its definition, which renders their entire faith meaningless and hypocritical, which is why i eventually had to abandon all hope of giving them any benefit of the doubt as an entity, while trying to maintain willingness to respect each as an individual when meeting them eye-to-eye. online it’s better to just try to ignore.
    anyway, a noble grain of sand is the galaxy we live in, which makes me watching these birds all the more awesome. awe. some.

  146. It does not matter about who believes what, it was something awesome and beautiful, meant to enjoy not argue about. And I enjoyed it wish, I was there to see it in person. ENJOY LIFE!

  147. Seems those girls were very familiar with their boat and surroundings, doubt this was their first adventure..On this one they witnessed something risk no gain!

  148. I have seen this every year for my entire life. Here in the southern United States this is seen as the yearly migration of Starlings. As a child we would clap our hands to watch them separate obviously they had been shot at many times and knew the sound. I have stood and watched them until I was tired of watching and when they stop to roost at night they make an incredible sound and quite a mess. The neighbor would bring out his carbide cannon and shoot it to scare them away but they would always be back. I love to see them come but the flocks get smaller and smaller every year. In Memphis this year I only saw a few flocks and they were only a small amount compared to years past. I am 64 now and only hope I can see them for the rest of my life. They may not be a miracle but they are wonderful.

  149. Amazing and wonderful!

    but believing in miracles is for ignorant children.

  150. Loved it ! I have seen this in the prairie many time. The video stands on it’s own ,they need not put the music in for effect,it just took away from the happening. Just very cool ,thank you.

  151. It’s always wonderful, awe inspiring and amazing to watch videos of murmurations and contemplate the inter-communications, actions and reactions between the birds when countless numbers of them are ‘sky dancing’ in such a coordinated display. So, why is it that some humans seem to need to try to add to that with some dramatic sound track? Totally unnecessary and distracting from the essence of a natural phenomenon such as this. Watch in silence (I silenced the volume) and allow yourself to ‘feel’ the sweeping motions of the birds within your own being, as the motion of Life force through all and everything. Come to more deeply appreciate Einstein’s observation that “There are two ways to experience life; as though everything is a miracle, or as though nothing is.” There’s a relevant quote from a movie when an older priest says to a younger one: “We try to pray. When it becomes prayer, that is a miracle.” Likewise, whenever you can begin to experience the miracle of Life, that too is a miracle. We are intimately and inextricably interconnected and interdependent with all and everything. Be open to feeling that within yourself. Some experiences, such as watching a murmuration, can help us become more open to the essential Reality of who and what we are.

  152. Miracle or just a bunch of birds doing what they do (fly)?

  153. The Great Scarf of Birds

    Ripe apples were caught like red fish in the nets

    of their branches. The maples

    were colored like apples,

    part orange and red, part green.

    The elms, already transparent trees,

    seemed swaying vases full of sky. The sky

    was dramatic with great straggling V’s

    of geese streaming south, mare’s-tails above them;

    their trumpeting made us look up from golf.

    The course sloped into salt marshes

    and this seemed to cause the abundance of birds.

    As if out of the Bible

    or science fiction,

    a cloud appeared, a cloud of dots

    like iron filings which a magnet

    underneath the paper undulates.

    It dartingly darkened in spots,

    paled, pulsed, compressed, distended, yet

    held an identity firm: a flock

    of starlings, as much one thing as a rock.

    One will moved above the trees

    the liquid and hesitant drift.

    Come nearer, it became less marvellous,

    more legible, and merely huge.

    “I never saw so many birds!” my friend exclaimed;

    we returned our eyes to the game.

    Later, as Lot’s wife must have done,

    in a pause of walking, not thinking

    of calling down a consequence,

    I shifted my bag and looked back.

    The rise of the fairway behind us was tinted,

    so evenly tinted I might not have noticed

    but that at the rim of the delicate shadow

    the starlings were thicker and outlined the flock

    as an inkstain in drying pronounces its edges.

    The gradual rise of green was vastly covered;

    I had thought nothing in nature could be so broad but grass.

    And as

    I watched, one bird,

    prompted by accident or will to lead,

    ceased resting; and, lifting in a casual billow,

    the flock ascended as a lady’s scarf,

    transparent, of gray, might be twitched

    by one corner, drawn upward, and then,

    decided against, negligently tossed toward a chair:

    dissolving all anxiety,

    the southward cloud withdrew into the air.

    -John Updike

  154. That was a lot of fun. Very cool and the girls were cute as well. Nice video. Thank you for sharing.

  155. Can we all stop criticizing strangers? Can we all take a moment to try and enjoy life, as this article suggests? Can we all try to be a bit more positive? I guarantee we’ll be happier for it!
    This was beautiful. Birds are fascinating and amazing creatures.

    • Sunflower328 says:

      Well said Anna… too many pessimists out there! Are you people so miserable, that you have to pick apart a beautiful video, in whatever situation is what captured in?

  156. That guy was actually right about the way those girls were geared for the trek. They could have found themselves in a dangerous situation for sure. I didn’t notice that until I read that particular post but he’s right. Not being negative…just realistic. Anyway…it was a truly amazing video of a phenomenon not often witnessed on such a scale.

  157. Amazing video and a wonderful reminder of the wonderful world we live in.

    Sad that the only comments you have so far get caught up in use of words, pointing out faults or looking for negatives in the face of such beauty.

    Kind of ironic given your words.

  158. This is actually a very sad video to watch because those birds swarming are the invasive European starling and they are destroying America’s natural ecosystem.

    • Sarah, this footage was shot in Ireland, where starlings are a native species. The starling has actually been declining in Europe in recent years.

  159. Joe Mellon says:

    No lifejackets on, inappropriate clothing, wobbly boat without flotation chambers, dodgy looking weather…
    These girls are doing everything wrong: if a squall blew up and they went into the water they would be in serious trouble.

    • So true and quite correct you are. But if they had taken the time to properly prepare for their excursion, they wouldn’t have been in the right place at the right time to shoot this video. And that’s says domdhhing too… Don’t cha think???

    • Really? That’s all you got out of this? Live a little buddy! Don’t always ask what if!

    • Maybe they checked the weather before they went? OH, and, get a life. BTW, they went out there to drink the Koolaid. So?

    • those girls look happy, warm, well equipped to paddle their ‘dodgy’ boat and are having an amazing experience of a lifetime. we just got fortunate to see them document an amazing murmuration of starlings that sarah thinks are invasive europeans destroying america’s natural ecosystem.?? they’re european! and get real with being human and even if your an eco-groovy vegan come to america, you kill more ecosystem than any other species on earth. Jon Mellon, go camping!

  160. John Fitzgerald says:

    Cool video. Thanks for sharing it. I liked that you described it in scientific terms. I don’t think that every time I see something that is neat, it is a miracle. A miracle is an something that occurs that man can not explain from our perspective. Just like bad things are not “non miracles.”

  161. When GOD created the world every thing was given a purpose and GOD gave everybody free will to believe in GOD or not to believe
    DARWIN just had his theory of evolution this theory is now taken as fact man evolved from apes! but we still have apes why did they not all evolve? and what is man evolving into now? there does not seem to be much change in the last few thousand years, much of Darwin’s theories are now challenged by other scientist’s theories, every time a new skeleton is found to be older that the last it is said to be the missing link.
    but GOD gave us the free will to choose what we believe but is it possible that he also choose who would believe and who would not. How many times have you heard Why did god let that happen even from people who do not believe in GOD
    GOD choose me to believe in GOD and some others he has not chosen that is THE GLORY THAT IS GOD

  162. Hmm, you don’t seem to be too familiar with the theory of evolution do you?
    First, it’s not a fact, hence why it’s called a theory. We did not evolve from apes, by definition we ARE apes. Gorillas, Chimpanzees and Humans share over 99% of their DNA, and there is substantial evidence that we evolved from a common ancestor…. in other words, it’s not that humans evolved from gorillas and gorillas kept existing, is that at some point in time species differentiation occurred leading to different, but similar species. Also, macroevolution happens over the course of hundreds of thousands of years, so there are essentially no big differences between humans from a couple thousands years ago to today’s humans.

    I just intend to correct few wrong facts of what you said, but like you said, each person has free will and they choose what to believe in, I myself was born in a catholic family but have opposing views, choosing to believe in the theory of evolution rather than creation.

  163. Well so much for the love of your god then, if he made some people for the sole purpose of *not* believing in him. According to your belief, he made us just so he could torture us in the burning depths of hell for all eternity. A god of love my lily white ass

  164. GOD created Darwin… 🙂

  165. David Crupe says:

    CIB1956… God doesn’t choose anyone to believe or not to believe. You believe, because you freely choose to. Study to show yourself approved dude.

  166. Wow…so many comments..and I’m compelled to give one too…look guys is there any human who can CREATE any living matter..the ans is no…GOD IS GOD he is none like any of us or his creation…many humans had claimed they are god and many human had been worshipped as god…by humans that does not use their reasoning to realise their stupidity…all you need to do is look out and think,especially those who dont beleive there is god…everything made there must be its creator…just like this site created by someone…so we and the universe are created…by GOD

  167. You forgot to capitalize a few of them!


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