21 Choices You Must Make In Order To Succeed

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About Alan Bishop

Alan's a writer, television producer and adventurer. He is 20 years into a lifetime of loving with his wife and is a proud Dad to two young men (21 and 18). Through his website The 365 Effect.com  Alan works with individuals and corporations helping them make positive Change while focusing on Being Better Everyday.  Alan's a dedicated fitness enthusiast, a Crossfitter as well as a lifelong lover of the game of golf. You can follow him @the365effect


  1. Thanks for this! I already do several of these things, but I certainly could stand to do more, incorporating them into my daily routine and my life in general.

    I am printing this out and putting a copy of it in my wallet, so I will always have it with me!

    • Alan Bishop says:

      Great Stuff Pauly,

      I carry around the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. I’m glad you’ll find some inspiration. If have any others to share please do. Most of us can always use a bit of new inspiration.


  2. I have just translated into Spanish and posted your writing in my webpage (linking to and citing the source, of course). I find your post very interesting and straightforward, and thought it was a pity that those Spaniards who do not read English would loose the opportunity to read your words. I hope it is OK with you ;)

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