Enough! I’m Sick and Tired our Obsession with Nature Shows

nature show

When did we stop thinking of our own backyard as nature?

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Are We All Just a Bunch of Robots?

Robots Image for GMP

Author Jay Cradeur raises some questions about what we know and what we think we know.

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Gaming: A Way to Solve Real-World Problems

serious gamers

You’re probably all familiar with the typical first-person shooter games, but do you know about the rise in “Serious Games?”

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Agatha Raisin And The Quiche of Death: Because Sometimes A Guy Wants To Read the Unexpected

Screen Shot 2016-01-19 at 9.58.43 PM

Who knew quiche could be so dangerous? Jesse Kornbluth reviews MC Beaton’s mystery novel.

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An Interview with Holly Bower (who ridiculed Donald Trump)


Matthew Rozsa interviews photographer Holly Bower on her humorous article about Donald Trump. — “The Huffington Post” recently ran this hilarious op-ed that I highly recoomend. It was written by Holly Bower, a woman who was told no because of her gender throughout her career… until no became yes. As a result, she is a successful still photographer […]

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‘Dirty Grandpa’ Takes a Raunchy Look at the Later Years of Life

Dirty Gramps poster small

This movie has some funny moments but not enough to make it a must see comedy The comedy genre cam get stuck in a pattern pretty easily. But every once in a while something new comes along to shake it up and this can have mixed results. Sometimes it creates classics like Ghostbusters, Revenge of […]

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‘The 5th Wave’ Asks Will Humanity Survive this Unseen Threat

the 5th wave poster tiny

A thriller that takes a hard look at how do you fight an enemy you don’t fully understand The idea in Hollywood of an alien species coming to Earth to invade is not a brand new one. It has been happening for decades and it is always a threat that people can see, hear and […]

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Hollywood Welcomes Its LGBT Married Couples


Once their relationships were hidden or scandals. LGBT couples now thrive in the Hollywood limelight.

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When the Screen Romance Chemistry Just Isn’t There


What is that mysterious “chemistry” that sometimes clicks and sometimes fails with screen couples? What does it tell us about real life relationships? Let’s watch these guys crash and burn, and maybe we can figure it out. Or not.

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The Unpredictability of Grief (Or Why I Can’t Let Go of My Bowie Bereavement)


What is it about the death of a rock star like David Bowie that affects us so deeply?

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4 Questions Every Creative Man Should Ask Himself

guitar player

These questions will help determine your creative priorities and say “no” to time-wasting activities.

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The True Horror of American Horror Story


Did the once smart American Horror Story become a bloody gay mess?

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‘Anomalisa’ Takes a Peek into the Mind of A Troubled Man

Anomalisa poster change

Michael Stone is a man who goes a business trip where he meets someone real special A lot of films come out every year. They can be funny, dramatic, thought provoking or even animated and meant for the whole family to enjoy together. Anomalisa is not your usual movie. It covers some of these areas […]

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What Does the ‘Male Gaze’ Mean, and What About a Female Gaze?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.42.32 PM

What is the male gaze, and does the female gaze exist?

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An Interview with the Animated Voice of Mario

Mario 2 big

At SacAnime Winter 2016 Jay Snook interviewed the man who has voiced Mario for over 25 years Anyone who has ever played a Nintendo game should be familiar with the character Mario. He has been starring in all kinds of game for Nintendo for many years and has gone on all kinds of adventures. He […]

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