Sean Penn’s Big Mistake and What We Should Learn From It


Sean Penn forgot that behaviors which may seem appropriate in private are often inappropriate in public.

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Aliens, Tentacle Sex, And Racism: Surprising Lessons From Sci-Fi


Scientists are hotly debating whether we should send messages into space. Perhaps they should consult Octavia Butler for some wisdom…

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Graham Moore Wins Oscars Night: ‘Stay Weird. Stay Different.’

Graham Moore

In his acceptance speech for ‘The Imitation Game,’ Moore shares a powerful message based on the story of his own attempted suicide as a teenager.

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Money Porn: The Objectification of Christian Grey


A story with toxic ideas about gender includes the toxic image of men as success objects.

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The Only 9 Men We See on TV


Matthew Branch is giving up on finding worthy role models on Television — here’s what he has to choose from.

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The Theory of (Overcoming) Everything – Interview with Eddie Redmayne

The Theory of Everything

For men, overcoming adversity is supposedly a rite of passage. Steven Wagner tests that theory, and finds the answer is in the essence.

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To Kurt Cobain, on Your 48th Birthday


Gone, but never forgotten. Ryan Bell shares what Kurt Cobain left him…and us…more than 20 years after his death.

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‘Jupiter Ascending’ Crashes!


James Halcomb describes this new movie as being like a slow motion car wreck, the disaster you just can’t help slowing down to watch.

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‘The Duff': A Look at a New Label

Duff 1 crop

Once you find out you fit a label, is it possible to change that?

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After The Wedding

Screen shot 2015-02-14 at 8.02.02 PM

You can spend the long weekend catching up on the Oscar-nominated movies. You could see one of the new releases — films so wretched they’re tossed into theaters in the dead month of February. Or you could remember all the times Jesse Kornbluth has guided you to pleasure and insight and watch “After the Wedding,” the film he has loved best in this decade.

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This 26-Year-Old Guy Is on a Mission to Teach Guys How to Hook Up… Without Disrespecting Women


“The guys actually want to take girls out, but when girls are asked, they think all guys just want to hook up.” So he created a graphic novel to help guys out.

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50 Shades: Perverse and Shocking, But Not for the Obvious Reasons


Stewart Hapern goes to see what 50 Shades of Grey and finds so much about the movie—and the popularity of it among females—unbelievable.

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‘Fresh Off The Boat’ Could Be The New ‘Modern Family’


James Holcomb reviews ABC’s newest comedy series. Could ‘Fresh Off The Boat’ give us a new twist on the modern family?

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D&D is Geeky? Why, Thank You, Yes It Is!

dungeons and dragons tattoo

Johnathan Bane wonders why anyone would judge what a man does in his spare time.

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‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ A New Twist on the Spy Genre

Kingsman 2 fixed

A film that breaks the mold of the familiar spy films of the last 50 years.

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‘MortDecai’ Sophistication Has A Name

mortdecai-titled fix

Johnny Depp’s latest film takes his comedic acting to a new level.

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