What Good Will Hunting Teaches Us About Men, Shame, and Suicide

Robin Williams

“Shame, fear, isolation, addiction. Shame, fear, isolation, addiction. After a few hundred times through the spiral, men will do anything to get off the ride, including suicide.”

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The Top 5 Best ‘Godzilla’ Movies


James Halcomb shares his Top Five Movies on the ‘Godzilla’s’ 60th Anniversary.

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Could the ‘The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess’ be the Best Zelda Game Ever?


A game with a new villain, new weapons and an unlikely ally.

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This Man Makes Treasure from Trash


Mac Premo is driven to make things out of almost anything he finds. The result? Amazing recycled art.

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R.I.P Tommy. You’ll Never Laugh at Our Car Talk Again.

tommy car talk

Tom Magliozzi, one half of “Click and Clack”, the Car Talk Brothers, has stopped laughing and telling us to change our oil.

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Photo Essay: Speaking Out Brings Queer Youth Experience Into Focus

speaking cover (1)

“Straight? No. Gay? No. Those words don’t feel right. They aren’t Me. B:? Closer, but still not me. Queer . . . . . . . YES! I’m Queer! That’s Me!”

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‘Fury’ Brings War to Sharp Focus


James Halcomb reviews ‘Fury’ and talks about his fears for men in war.

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Is Your ‘Destiny’ My ‘Destiny’?


Adam Workman reviews his newest obsession, ‘Destiny,’ and finds the game to be all he hoped for and more.

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‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ Makes Us All Equals

Rocky 3 crop

With the 40th Anniversary coming up, let’s take a moment to hail the cult classic. It defined a generation and should define a new one.

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Outlander – A Men’s Survival Guide


A step-by-step method to keep your wives away from men in kilts. Because they’re dangerous. John Patrick Weiss tells us how.

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‘Mandatory Fun’ is Weird Al Yankovic’s Best Album Yet

Al 3 redone

Weird Al’s first album to be #1 in the US, and it may be his last.

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Why ‘Scandal’ Is One Of The Most Important Shows Ever For The Gay Rights Movement


Words of wisdom to homophobes of the world: Don’t tweet your hate to Shonda Rhimes.

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‘Whiplash’ Is Likely The Best Film of 2014


Featuring two unforgettable performances and a script that is as close to perfection as you can find in cinema today, Whiplash is a surefire contender for best film of 2014.

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“Shit, is there anyone in Los Angeles who hasn’t had dinner with Robert DeNiro???”

Lili and cc_2

Ira Israel reflects on the intimate friendships he’s formed from uncanny coincidences.

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‘The Big Bang Theory’ Proves Nerds Are Cool

big bang theory 2

A show that reminds us how far we have come as a society in embracing our inner nerd.

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Egon Schiele: The Artist who Went to Jail for Drawing The Radical Nude


Why you should go and see one of the four exhibitions of his work on show around the world.

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