The Authentic Identity Role Model that was Prince


For black men, Prince set the stage for a different kind of acceptable identity.

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A Leader. And a Thinker. His Birthday? Yesterday. He’d be 1,836

Marcus Aurelius

Jesse Kornbluth celebrates Marcus Aurelius.

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Misery in Norway Makes For Great Binge Watching


Both “Wave” and “Occupied” are keeping viewers hooked and entranced with great plots and beautiful landscapes.

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‘Sing Street’ A Musical Masterpiece

sing street, weinstein company

Sing Street is a story about a boy who meets a girl, forms a band and writes music that changes all of their lives Here is the synopsis for Sing Street: “Like his earlier films ONCE and BEGIN AGAIN, SING STREET is inspired by writer/director John Carney’s life and love for music, and tells the story […]

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Emancipation: A Royalty Tribute to Prince

prince guitar

William Reese, Jr. and friends honor the musical genius of an artist gone too soon.

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‘Green Room’ A Slow, Intriguing Thriller

Green Room, thriller, broad green pictures

Green Room is a thriller that only some people will truly enjoy The thriller is a hit or miss genre of movies. Some of them are going to be amazing and others can easily fall flat but most of the time they do get a sort of following. Silence of the Lambs, Seven and The […]

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‘KRAMPUS’ is a Fun Throwback to 80’s Monster Movies


A tale of ancient yuletide horror gets a modern update.

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Holly Gleason On Prince: “Like The Snake In The Garden, He Gave An Apple That Tasted Like Music…And Sex…And Love”

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 6.00.38 PM

Jesse Kornbluth on Holly Gleason’s review of the late rock legend, Prince.

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Music and Recording: A Wild 100 Years or So

record studio

The recording medium itself has changed what it means to perform and share music.

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An Interview with the ‘Voltron Legendary Defender’ Cast

Voltron Legendary Defender

The cast of Voltron Legendary Defender was at this years Wondercon and Jay Snook was able to ask them some questions The cast of Voltron Legendary Defender was at this years Wondercon and gave a ton of information about this new series. There was a packed panel where fans of all ages were able to […]

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C-3PO Goes Solo


Are such fundamental ideas like friendship and loyalty truly meaningful for droids?

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It’s Official! Gio Benitez Is A Married Man And The Wedding Photos Are Absolutely Adorable


Check out the stunning photos from Gio Benitez’s wedding.

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If Prince Died From a Drug Overdose I Hope It Will Not Have Been in Vain


As I write this, there are reports that the rock star, once again known as Prince, was treated for an opioid drug overdose six days before he was found unconscious and dead in his home.

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Prequels, Sequels, Threequels and The Age of the Franchise

film set

It’s been said before, but these days it truly appears Hollywood has run out of original ideas.

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From Mecca to Memory

sound booth

For anyone for whom a music store was home, this film will bring you back.

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‘I Can Still Feel His Guitar Play Through Me.’ RIP Prince

Prince AP Photo Rogers and Cowan

Prince is dead, but his music is still very much alive. And for Wai Sallas, that music is transformative.

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