Joseph Gordon-Levitt Explains Why He’s A Feminist


Joseph Gordon-Levitt isn’t afraid of the feminist label.

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A Change is Gonna Come

Sam Cooke, 1931-1964

Among the things that 1964 brought to the world was the song, “A Change is Gonna Come”, inspired by events of the Civil Rights Movement.

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‘Can I Call You Hannah?’


Spoken word artist Christopher Michael has a few serious questions he wants to ask Miley Cyrus.

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They’re All About That Bass

Home Free Vocal Band

It’s a positive message, brought to you by a 5-man a capella group and a female pop singer.

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Transmormon Sheds Light on Trans Members of the LDS Church


A new documentary sheds light on the struggles transgender people in the LDS Church face, and the power of a loving, supportive family.

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‘The Quest’ Breaking New Ground in Reality TV


Go Medieval with The Lord of The Rings meets The Amazing Race on ABC — Are you looking for something different in Reality TV? Well, here it is! What happens when you get the makers of The Amazing Race, The Lord of the Rings’, and The Blair Witch Project together? You get “fantasy-reality.” Variety calls […]

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‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’: Heroes in a Half Shell are Back


TMNT Returns! Go see this one with the whole family.

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The Only Man I Can Call Totally Cool: J.J. Cale


Remembering JJ – Jesse Kornbluth has some excellent old music for you to check out.

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What’s Life Like as an Author? A Roundtable Discussion


Alexa Kocinski shares a series of questions and answers with three different authors.

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“We sit up and take notice.” Jason Landry, with a quick snapshot of Stephen Sheffield, photographer.

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We’re Here, We’re Queer, We’re Making Your Comics

credit: Justin Hall

If you’re a fan of comic books, keep an eye on Justin Hall. He may be the Next Big Thing.

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Gentry Stein Certainly Knows How to Yo-Yo


If you thought knowing how to “walk the dog” was cool prepare to be floored by this world championship Yo-Yo routine.

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Robin Williams 1983: Even Then, You Could See Life Was a Struggle

mrs doubtfire

Jesse Kornbluth interviewed Robin Williams for NY Magazine back in 1983. It’s important for Jesse to fall in love with the people while interviewing them. And fall he did. A love that lasted til Williams untimely death.

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On With the Show


It’s a silver screen, silent film sacred sort of place, and it’s something out of time.

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‘Boyhood’. The GMP Review.


The GMP’s resident film critic Eric Shapiro shares his thoughts on Richard Linklater’s groundbreaking movie.

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Robin Williams Rest In Peace

Robin Williams

We have lost ‘The Funniest Man in the World’

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