Kurt Cobain: 20 Years Later

AP photo

The big secret of grunge was that it didn’t describe a style of music, fashion, or even attitude. It was the line where the misfits finally broke through. By Sean Beaudoin.

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End Of An Era: David Letterman Will Retire In 2015

David Letterman

It’s the end of an era for late night talk shows, as the last of the reigning kings steps down.

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I Want Respect: On Punk Music and Learning Disabilities

Fish Police 588

Graham Phoenix attends the first night of a Punk Music Tour and discovers what inclusion for those with learning disabilities really means.

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This ‘True Detective’ AT&T Commercial Mashup Is Everything (Video)


HBO’s hottest new show gets remixed with those adorable AT&T commercials. The result? Comedic gold.

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St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin? Plan On It

Jameson Midleton

GMP’s James Stafford visited Ireland for St. Patrick’s Day courtesy of Jameson whiskey. Here’s his wrap up of his once in a lifetime experience.

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What The CW’s Arrow Gets Right About Its Hero

It won't conceal your abs, but this is the CW. No force on earth can conceal your abs.

The popular superhero soap is running the grim-and-gritty arc in reverse, and that’s pretty cool.

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Shameless Self-Disclosure: Showtime’s Unlikely Coming Out Story

shameless like photo Sigfrid Lundberg

More television programs are realizing that coming out plotlines don’t have to generic or predictable, including (surprise!) Showtime’s Shameless.

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It’s Kind of a Funny Story and Learning to Live Better


The movie It’s Kind of a Funny Story has a message that Christian Clifton needed to hear.

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‘Front Seat Chronicles’ Lets Us Eavesdrop On Conversations

Front Seat Chronicles

New show eschews elaborate sets and silly plots for something much better: conversations.

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‘Brozen’: Is There Really a ‘Frozen’ Fandom For Bros?


Are the guys who love “Frozen” really in need of their own bro-noun?

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‘Friday Nights Lights’ was the best show that none of us watched. And, it wasn’t just about football.

Friday Night Lights

Thanks to on demand and DVD, great canceled shows are no longer gone forever. Pat Brothwell reminds us why Friday Night Lights is worth your time.

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5 Inspiring Lessons From The Life Of Nas


Life lessons from hip-hop’s biggest wildcard EVER, Nas.

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Coming Soon: Transcendence


The movie Transcendence might seem a little far fetched but it isn’t as impossible as you may think, which leaves us with some important question to answer.

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When Should You Stop Calling Yourself An Aspiring Writer?

Kurt Vonnegut

You’ve always wanted to be an artist, writer, dancer, musician. What’s it take to move from wannabee to am?

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7 Word Movie Review: Bad Words

Bad Words

In his directorial debut, can Jason Bateman spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S?

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Rock is Dead? Nobody Told The Pretty Reckless

The Pretty Reckless

Band beats sophomore slump, debuts at #5 with second album.

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