Delve into the Secret World of Intelligence – at Your Own Risk


If history and covert activity is something that inspires, this secret initiation is to die for – even if it won’t likely come to that.

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So How Do You Redefine Jazz? Listen to Keith Jarrett

Screen shot 2015-07-11 at 4.43.02 PM

Jesse Kornbluth on ‘The Koln Concert': A CD claimed to redefine jazz.

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“The Ladykillers” Will Bring You Back to God


With Tom Hanks in the lead, Rich Monetti says the Coen Brothers’ film kills the presumption that we control our destinies.

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Let’s Do This Now — Yes, Sony, You HAVE to Make Action Figures of the New Female Ghostbusters

Let's Do This Now -- Yes, Sony, You HAVE to Make Action Figures of the New Female Ghostbusters

The movie studio behind the new Ghostbusters movie is probably going to make some ignorant, sexist mistakes when it comes to marketing the film. This is an early intervention.

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‘Minions’ Goes Back to Where it all Began

Minions 3 resize

  A solo film where three minions go on a trip to save their tribe and fulfill their destiny The minions have been gaining popularity ever since Despicable Me came out in in 2010. They started as odd little henchman for Gru. They were simple but were always there to help him achieve his goals. When […]

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He Lost Two Limbs to a Shark, But Paul de Gelder Is Still Swimming

A Great white shark just below surface near Neptune Islands SA.

“I tried all those things you see on Shark Week,” says Paul de Gelder, describing his attempt to fight off a shark while diving. “But nothing worked.”

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What Does it Take to Revive a Masterwork?


Michael Gallagher explains his most important tools: moisture, pressure and heat.

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The Japanese Version of Godzilla Is an “A” Movie with Bite


Rich Monetti says the comical, B-movie farce is actually a brilliant piece of political commentary.

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In With the Out Crowd: Remembering My 80s Youth

Playing bass in the East Village Orchestra, The Palladium, 1985

Robert Burke Warren thinks about the SCOTUS ruling on marriage equality, and thinks about how it takes a village to raise a boy into a man. In his case, an East Village.

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‘Terminator: Genisys’ Changes The Rules of the Series

Terminator 4 2 resize

A film that breathes new life into this flat lining series The Terminator film series has had many highs and lows. There was The Terminator that came out in 1984 and was a simple movie that brought a new future to audiences all over the world and helped make Arnold Schwarzenegger a movie star. The sequel […]

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Fans of All Ages Showed up for Wizard World Sacramento

IMG_0896 resize

Jay Snook attended this year’s Wizard World in Sacramento, and it was one for the record books This years’s Wizard World Comic Con has come and gone in Sacramento, and man was there so much to see and do for fans of all ages. I had the chance to be there all three days, and […]

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First Hispanic Poet Laureate: Juan Felipe Herrera


Could this signal a new direction for US literature.

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Robert Redford: An Actor’s Evolution

jeremiah johnson

Robert Redford is one of our most treasured actors, and while we often focus on some of his bigger moments, his lesser known films can give us a glimpse into the evolution of a great actor.

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The World Is at Stake: Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Internet Activism, and Reverberations in the Hyperbolic Chamber


Saumya Arya Haas says outrage over the limited and problematic portrayal of women and minorities in literature is well deserved.

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‘Ted 2′ A Fun, Raunchy Sequel

Ted 2 4 change

The thunder buddies are back together in a new adventure This Friday the sequel to Seth MacFarlane’s successful movie Ted comes out. The original was all about a toy bear who one day came to life when a boy made a wish for a friend. Something magical happened, and his wish came true right before […]

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