23 Men and Their Amazing Beards


There’s almost nothing you can’t do with a beard. Let these beards (and their men) inspire you.

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Idris Elba As A Post-Racial James Bond? Not So Fast


Let’s not ignore the fact that the original James Bonds wasn’t just white. He was a white supremacist.

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Are Hollywood’s Alpha Males Teaching Us the Wrong Lessons About Masculinity?


Imagine if movie heroes could be vulnerable and emotional.

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‘Into the Woods’ Warns People to be Careful What They Wish For

Into Woods 3 fixed

A musical that brings your favorite fairy tale characters together for a different kind of story.

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Two Thumbs Up for ‘Life Itself’

Life Itself

James Halcomb reviews the film about one of the most legendary film critics of all time.

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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Welcomes you to Level 7

Shield 1 crop

A new show by Joss Whedon that fills in the gaps of the Marvel cinematic universe.

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This Guy Transforms Himself into Pop Divas. One Word: Amazing!


Meet Mina Gerges, a Canadian medical student. He has a unique Instagram hobby.

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Cards Against Humanity: A Party Game For Horrible People


Jesse Kornbluth reviews a rather raunchy (albeit hilarious) game (for adults only).

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After I Lived by the Kindness of Others

Leon Logothetis

Leon Logothetis went around the world on a vintage yellow motorbike with a mission: to live by the kindness of others and pay that kindness back to them.

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#DeliciouslyDisabled: One Man Bares (Almost) All


Writer and activist Andrew Morrison-Gurza strips down and shares why he loves his body in a feature about loving who you are.

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Yowie, “Yaoi”! Male Fetishization In American Comics And Manga

manga lead

To read Massive isn’t to discover a hidden truth, but to see a massive, obvious fact, bulging out for the world to see.

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The Kindness Diaries: One Man’s Quest by Leon Logothetis


Could you travel around the world on a vintage yellow motorbike, living by the kindness of strangers? Leon Logothetis did. The Kindness Diaries is his story.

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Jay Z Speaks About The Positive Influence of Hip-Hop On Race Relations (Video)


Jay Z says “We’re more alike than we’re different.”

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Why We Need Lauryn Hill More Than Ever

Lauryn Hill, 2011

Anthony Carter shares what we can learn from an artist who focused on authenticity, pride, and vision rather than being a commodity.

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