Huggies Starts to Wipe Up their Dad Mess

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Jim Higley, the Bobblehead Dad, is a writer, speaker, life observer, and cancer warrior. His favorite role, however, is being "Dad" to his three kids. Check out his blog here. He can also be seen as one of the iVoices on iVillage and can be heard on his weekly radio show on fatherhood, Bobblehead Dad. Jim is a regular parenting and health contributor to The Huffington Post. He is the author of Bobblehead Dad: 25 Life Lessons I Forgot I Knew. He was recently named World’s Greatest Dad by Man of the House. His kids are contesting this, however.


  1. We are looking at a sea change in how our culture views Dads as primary care givers and full time parents. The legal and social systems have yet to catch up to the fact that Dads are parenting full time and fulfilling all the roles a parent needs to fulfill. We’re not part timers. We’re not filling in. We’re it.

  2. hey congrats jim on yours and others success, in getting the ads removed. i tried to sign your petition when you first posted it here, but i had the same i had with other petitions. my firefox scriptblocker would not show the page properly

    anyway congrats

  3. Guys, really?! I just saw the Huggies controversy on the evening news and you have got to be kidding me! Come on and grow up a little bit. Your feelings are hurt because of the ad regarding children and the Dad test? The commercial was hilarious and depicts the majority of men out there. No, I am not saying that your job as a stay at home dad is not appreciated, but please have a thicker skin. The traditional sense of a Dad, is just as it is depicted. Perhaps you should spend more of your time with throwing a ball with your child than worrying about such a “metro-sexual” issue. This is precisely why people in this country are getting soft and expecting more and more entitlements.


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