A Simple Secret Weapon

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About Ken Goldstein

Ken Goldstein most recently was Chairman & CEO of SHOP.COM. Previously he was Executive Vice President & Managing Director of Disney Online, and VP of Entertainment & Education for Broderbund Software. He currently advises start-ups and established companies on brands, creative talent, e-commerce, and digital media strategy. His first novel, This Is Rage, was recently published by The Story Plant. Ken is on the boards of Thrift Books LLC and Good Men Media, Inc.


  1. Dave Kaiser says:

    I used to be one of those guys who said I don’t have to thank my people for doing their jobs, man that was dumb….

  2. Georgia Noble says:

    Kindness doesn’t cost anything.

    • Dave Kaiser says:

      Exactly! Being a jerk is kind of expensive, people keep quitting on you, you need to drink a lot or cheat a lot to feel good abut yourself, and even then it doesn’t really stick. The way I see it, this is a no-brainer

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