Desperado’s Wife, Katie Couric and Me

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Dennis Danziger - author of the novel "A Short History of a Tall Jew," working on a memoir, "5 Shows a Day - Dispatches from the War on Education."


  1. A wonderful essay. Funny and sends a message.

  2. Great post!

  3. Nancy Strother Thomas says:

    Funny and entertaining. I am pretty sure part of the point is the serendipity that helped start a life affirming group at Dennis’ high school. Went to jr high and high school with Dennis. I enjoyed your article about the true meaning of what you learned from your faith so much, and found you again, very funny in describing your Kips Big Boy non kosher meal.

    • Dennis Danziger says:

      Hi Nancy, and when is our next reunion? We really shouldn’t wait every ten years at this stage of the game.
      And thanks for going back and reading a previous post that I wrote for Good Men Project.

  4. Dennis Danziger says:

    I’d hope you would read more carefully about POPS, the high school club. It’s about that, too. And, oddly, writers like people to read their books.

    • Danny McClowry says:

      So glad i clicked and discovered you. I was into your story from before the first sentence. A compelling read and a breath of fresh air. You and Amy join my hall of heros – POPS. And Amy did look Fabulous – but more important, she gave me stuff to think about. Now I’ll go look for a Tall Jew at the bookstore or online.

  5. I love this story, but am shallow enough to want to know what happened. Did she go on the show and sell a lot of books? Hope so.

    • Dennis Danziger says:

      She went on the show…Embedded in the article is a link to her segments on the show. She rocked it.
      The day before Amy went on the show her book on Kindle was ranked 139,000…two days later it was 3,051. So yeah, it sold some copies….Thanks for writing. I’ve seen you perform. You’re hilarious.

  6. Dennis, you are the best. I loved reading this and I am totally thrilled with the good work you and Amy do for your community! Keep it up, the world needs your kind of people!

  7. Fran Friedman says:

    Love your description of this event, Dennis. It’s hilarious. And loved the part of the interview that I saw, Amy. You were articulate and wise, but that’s nothing new. And you looked sensational!! That’s nothing new, either1 Does Ellie help folks in Texas? I don’t have the book but will get it immediately. What an amazing mitzvah (good deed) you both have performed with your peanut butter and jelly lunches. “Whoever saves a single life, it is as if he / she has saved the entire world.”
    Folks reading this should know that although we share the same last name (spelled the correct way, not Freedman), we came to our relationship not having ever known each other and hence, not related because of common “Friedman” ancestors. You both are phenmenal!

  8. Dear Dennis,
    I discovered this article via Amy Friedman’s website. You are one funny writer while managing to sneak in helpful, informative information. Thank you for the article!

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