Funktionslust: What The Hell Is It?

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About Liam Day

Liam Day has been a youth worker, teacher, campaign manager, political pundit, communications director, and professional basketball player. His poems have appeared at Slow Trains Apt, and Wilderness House Literary Review. His op-eds and essays have appeared in Annalemma Stymie, the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. He lives in Boston, where he works as a public health professional. He is the Sports Editor at The Good Men Project. You can follow him on Twitter at @LiamDay7.


  1. This was thoroughly depressing. It has definitely filled me with regret over things undone… and I’m only 23! You regret most the things you’ve missed out on, and the time you’ve wasted not doing what you know you can and should be doing.

  2. Oliver Lee Bateman says:

    Great stuff, Liam.

  3. Anthony De Luca says:

    That was really great. I wished the article was longer.

  4. Fantastic article, Liam. Touching, poignant, and a fitting tribute.

  5. Thank you.


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